Gut Health And Its Importance

Gut Health And Its Importance


Surprisingly many people don’t take gut health seriously or realize that they have a compromised digestive system. In general, a healthy gut contributes to body immunity, heart and brain health, mood and overall wellbeing.

With that said, we should start asking…


Why is gut health so important?

Gut is where our digestive system lies. This means that all digestive functions and processes take place in the same area. The digestive process breaks down food and other particles that we intake. This happens so that our body can absorb the nutrients it wants and needs. 

Our gut composed of millions of good and bad bacteria and microbes. These microbes play a big role, not only in your appetite but also on your defence system, metabolism, and neuro-functioning.

After knowing its importance, you now want to learn…


How will I know if my gut is unhealthy?

Your body usually tells you what’s wrong with it. However, in some instances, we tend to ignore the body’s signals. So, here are some points for you to check to know if your gut is already crying for help!

  • Upset stomach
  • A high-sugar diet
  • Unintentional or sudden weight change
  • Weird sleep pattern
  • Constant or over fatigue
  • Irritated skin
  • Food intolerance

Checked everything on the list? Then you better start asking…


How can I improve my gut health?

As mentioned, you are maybe one of those who are taking gut health too lightly. It is never a crime to think it’s okay to be passive about your guts cry for help. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that it is okay. 

Fear not! If you are worried that it may be too late, then you should start cleansing and detoxifying your body now!


Follow these simple steps to kick-start your gut cleansing plan:

  1. Take probiotics
  2. Remember to have less sugar or sweeteners
  3. Eat more fermented food
  4. Eliminate stress
  5. Eat prebiotic fiber
  6. Get sleep
  7. Use green cleaning products
  8. Do not take antibiotics unless needed
  9. Regular exercise
  10. Avoid vices or bad habits
  11. Eat balanced meals

We may have figured that you may need to start to detox, cleanse or rejuvenate your gut and let it heal. But you may be one of those who are not at risk – gut health wise. Good for you! 

Just remember to make sure to keep an open mind about your gut health and check with an expert if you are not sure! Prevention is better than cure! You may also start with creating your meal plan or follow the yummy tips below;

Food: YES for gut

    • Kimchi
    • Sauerkraut
    • Reheated potatoes
    • Raw cruciferous vegetables like broccoli
    • Yogurt
    • Artichokes
    • Garlic
    • Banana
    • Apples
    • Cacao

Food: NO for gut

    • Alcohol
    • Artificial sweeteners
    • High-saturated fats
    • High-animal protein diet
    • Additives
    • Processed foods
    • Sugar
    • Refined flours 

Take care of your gut for a better health! Know the signs of unhealthty gut here!

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