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Is This You?

Your drawer is filled with cookies and chocolate that you secretly eat when too stressed…

Coming home after a loooooong day, you head to the freezer to find joy in the ice cream tub.

 You are so exhausted, a big bowl of chips in front of TV is your regular dinner.

 You feel overwhelmed by too much work and only find relief when eating.

If this is you read on…

As a successful woman, you are especially exposed to stress and overwhelm that often result in cravings and emotional stress-eating.

This can lead to overweight, anxiety, fatigue, lost productivity, and many chronic health issues. I’ve been there!

I am sure you have noticed, the more overwhelmed you are, the more cravings you get, leading to a vicious cycle of over-eating, full of shame and guilt.

It affects your life, your business, and your health.

Have you tried all kinds of diets and just failed after some time, feeling more and more powerless?

Have you seen doctors who told you that nothing is wrong with you but deep down you know there is something else?

Most of the time, it is just meal plans or recipes that nobody has time to follow or cannot sustain over time.

So-called “diets” don’t take emotional health or spirituality into consideration.

Other health care providers don’t look at root causes such as the gut or hormonal issues.

Having realized that most of my clients have issues with emotional stress eating, I have developed effective tools and simple techniques to overcome their issues holistically.

WM-Group Coaching-Healthy Lady

As a result, I witnessed improvement in all of them… no matter if they wanted to lose weight, improve chronic diseases or overcome emotional issues and fatigue.

Most of my clients see their first improvements after only a few weeks of working with me and it gets better and better.

“You deserve to be happy, it’s your birthright!”

End Emotional Eating Forever with P.O.W.E.R

A Group Coaching Program that helps overwhelmed women to stop emotional stress eating, so they can finally reclaim their full power to shine….

This is why I created something special for you.

Get a sneak peek at the Group Coaching Program!!


Register for the END EMOTIONAL EATING – GROUP COACHING PROGRAM now! (Limited slots)


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Learn better stress management and high productivity tactics so you can optimize your work performance and have a better work-life balance to spend time with those who really matter instead of spending your nights eating your stress away.


Connect in a safe space with a loving and supportive community of like-minded women who empower each other. Share your successes, ask questions, learn from each other.

Forget willpower and rather implement simple long-term habits through repetition, accountability, incentives, and motivation to empower you in your work and life.

Root Causes

Find your real purpose and passion, so food doesn’t need to replace it. Learn how to practice self-care, spiritual and emotional wellbeing to experience the true transformation that will last forever


Discover the ingredients to achieve overall wellbeing.

Understand which foods and lifestyle routines are health-promoting, help to get more energy, reduce stress and anxiety, banish cravings and promote fat loss. All the knowledge is condensed and presented in easy done-for-you information, ready to be implemented by you.



Learn to understand and address possible root causes of cravings such as emotional trauma, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, chronic inflammation, food intolerances, toxins, stress, diet and lifestyle so that permanent healing can take place.

If any of these applies, this program is for you

  • Binge eat often

  • Crave sweet or salty foods

  • Feel overwhelmed and anxious

  • Are constantly stressed

  • Are overweight or obes

  • Have a chronic health issue

  • Experience mood swings and anxiety

  • Are tired and without energy

  • Have low productivity and work performance

  • Feel out of control

  • Experience shame or guilt around eating

  • Lack confidence

Join my End Emotional Eating – Group Coaching Program!

Here are just some of the results you may expect from the program:

  • Diminished cravings
  • Weight loss
  • Less stressed
  • Less bloating and digestive issues
  • Hormone balancing
  • Less mood swings and anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • More energy, less fatigue
  • Less pain
  • Improvement of chronic diseases
  • Better immune system
  • Happy Life

      Happy Clients

      Be inspired with their success stories

      I loved the group program, getting together with other people from all over the world helped me feel connected and supported. I would highly recommend this program

      Bonnie B.

      It has also been a great opportunity to connect with women around the country in order to support each other throughout this journey. 

      Mellissa S.

      Since the beginning my weight was 152. I am 146 today. 🙂 I am excited. I have not seen 145 in about 6 years.. so close! then to continue. I’m finding it easier to pass on sweets now too!

      Jennifer M.

      The Group Coaching Program

       Here are the details of my Group Coaching Program.


      The Group Coaching Program


      Monthly group coaching sessions (1 Hr)

      • Each group member will be coached on nutrition, eating, lifestyle, habits, emotional, stress management, psychology, spirituality, addressing physical and emotional root causes and so much more.
      • Get relevant resources: workbooks, lists for you, step by step guides, recipes, meal plans, etc. to support your best
      • Q&A, sharing experience, asking questions, learning from others, getting support, 1:1 hot seat
      • Accountability, goal setting, celebrating wins, and much more
      • Join via zoom or phone (even in your car) or watch the recording

      (Valued at $297/month)


      Access to my full  “Effortless weight loss” program (E-learning)

      • Every 2 weeks we release a full program module with videos covering different health topics helping you to improve your eating habits, repair different systems, learn mindfulness, improve sleep, stress management, weight loss habits, overcoming cravings, meal planning, recipes, lifestyle habits and so much more.
      • The video and various resources (worksheets, done for your lists, recipes, meal plans, etc.) can be accessed on my online platform.
      • Additionally, you will get tasks to follow or workbooks to fill in to stay on track in-between.
      • You can access it at any time on your PC or phone app.

      (Valued at $ 297/month)


      Monthly 1:1 Q&A sessions (15 min)

      Join our monthly Q&A sessions, get some extra accountability, get your questions answered, coaching support and anything you need help with. This is priceless!

      (Valued at $267 per month)


      Monthly Q&A call – Meal Prep and Exercise (30 min each)

      • A special Q&A session where you can get inspiration and your questions answered around meal prep, meal panning, recipes and more
      • Alternatively, get motivation, a simple schedule and ask your questions about how to incorporate the best simple movements into your busy day.

      (Valued at $ 197/month)


      Unlimited digital habit and accountability coaching

      • Daily and weekly check-ins on our dedicated digital coaching platform (access on your phone app or PC) to get chat-based support, accountability, track your food and get personalized feedback (this alone is worth the investment), motivation, and your questions answered in-between each session. This is also super helpful for implementing new habits 

      (value $ 197/month)


      10-day transformational reset diet (detox)

      • A stand-alone program that includes done-for-you guide, meal plan, recipes and so much more

      (Value $197)


      Personalized meal plan 

      • Choose from over 20 personalized meal and lifestyle plans to help you support your health goals

      ​(Value $97)


      Optional add ons for extra care at special rates:

      • VIP 1:1 coaching sessions
      • Supplements

      Your success plan!

      Curious about How My Group Coaching Program can help you? Book a complimentary Food Freedom consultation with me.


      • Recognize the root causes 

        This is where we put our Sherlock Holmes hat on to help you find out what has been causing your cravings, health, or weight issues. By using a thorough process with a health assessment, we are able to dig deeper instead of just applying yet another band-aid. Understanding which areas to focus on and how your health issues are related to each other helps to solve the puzzle.


      • Reset the body’s healing abilities

        Often the body is blocked, unable to heal. During years of unhealthy eating, the liver can get sluggish, environmental and other toxins can accumulate and prevent the body from detoxifying naturally. This is what can cause a weight loss plateau or other health issues that seem not to improve no matter what you have tried. Helping you to reset the body can often lead to untangling other longstanding health issues.


      • Repair the root causes

        Get a done-for-you personalized protocol based on cutting-edge science that gives you a plan to lose weight quickly and keep it that way. This includes a holistic weight loss plan and maintenance that you can maintain for the rest of your life. By addressing the root causes that have prevented you from reaching your goals, slowly the body can heal. Eventually, the body gets to its ideal weight, cravings diminish, and wellbeing sets in.


      • Relearn healthy habits 

        Get a step-by-step plan helping you to implement healthier habits through accountability. Understand how to get the best “health-promoting” environment so you remove the temptations and enforce good habits without willpower and cravings. This will make your weight-loss journey so much easier. Getting support from your peers helps to get there. Learn and improve all the skills needed, no matter if you want to do meal planning, implement mindfulness, manage stress, organize your life or business, overcome trauma and limiting beliefs and so much more. Get handy done-for-you lists, workbooks, and resources for you to use during and after our session.


      • Rewire the mindset 

        Fears, Limiting beliefs and our mindset is our worst enemy. We will deep dive into what prevented you from succeeding in the past and give you ways to stay on track, no matter what your goals. Working together within a group of like-minded we are able to motivate each other and achieve so much more.

          Each session is different and highly personalized to the needs of each participant

          Group Coaching Sessions

          This is just a small selection of themes that will be discussed during our coaching sessions and resources (guides, hand outs, workbooks, done for you lists, videos etc.) you will receive each month. The sessions are highly personalized and will be adapted to the needs and dynamic of the group.

          • Visualization techniques to stop cravings

          • Get rid of toxins

          • Food intolerance and their role in emotional eating

          • Get rid of sugar without missing it

          • Implement healthy habits

          • Healthy coping strategies for stress and anxiety

          • Improve sleep techniques

          • Meditation for mental wellness

          • Tips to reduce worry

          • Which supplements for cravings and depression

          • Lifestyle habits for better stress management

          • Create the life you want

          • Cravings handout

          • Shadow workbook

          • Overcome social eating

          • Dive into food addictions

          • Best foods for energy

          • Mealplan to diminish cravings

          • Food and Mood 101

          • Roots of emotional eating

          • Triggers and how to overcome them

          • Emotional eating EFT tapping

          • All about neurotransmitters and hormones

          • Recipes for healthy snacks

          • Food journal

          • Stress assessment

          • And so much more

          Hello there!

          I’m Andrea Caprio

          Master Transformational Nutrition Coach

          After years of struggling with health issues from too much stress and unhealthy eating, I finally found a better way to overcome cravings and uncontrolled eating habits. Now I want to help you meet your health goals and live the life you deserve.

          I’m an Emotional Eating Expert, and Master Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, and I’m here to help business professionals to take their power back from overeating with my proven tools and lifestyle hacks!

          Find out more about my End Emotional Eating – Group Coaching Program!

          “Cravings are a thing of the past and you gain full control of your life and body. There are no limitations to what this could mean for you.”

          6 Month End Emotional Eating – Group Coaching Program

          Limited Space

          This group coaching program is by invitation only to ensure it fits your goals and you fit the group to ensure everyones’ benefit. The amount of people is limited and should the quota be reached, you will be added to our waitlist for future programs. Acceptance is only AFTER our selection process has been completed successfully. Should you not be accepted the amount will be refunded fully.


          This is a 6-month program and only for those who are fully committed to a long-term health journey.

          What You Get:

          • 1 monthly group coaching session (Valued at $297/month)
          • Bi-weekly modules + videos (Valued at: $ 197/month)
          • Unlimited digital habits and accountability coaching (Valued at $197 per month)
          • Resources (Valued at: $50 per month)
          • Continuous support (Valued at: $ 49/month)

          Monthly 15 minutes 1:1 session (Value $200)

          • Monthly 15 minutes 1:1 session (Value $200)
          • Monthly Q&A call – Meal Prep and Planning (30 min) (Valued at $197/month)
          • 10 day transformational reset diet  (Value $97)
          • Personalized meal & lifestyle plan of your choice (Valued at $97)


          • Discounts on high-quality supplements and other products
          • Occasional interviews and workshops (Value: unlimited)

          Total Value: $7122

          Upfront Investment of $2497

          One-time payment! 

          Instead of $6222

          Monthly Installments of only $497/month

          The payment plan is due for the full 6 months! 

          Instead of $988/month

          100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

          I lost a total of 15 pounds and feel so much better, look much better, and most of all achieved optimal health

          “My experience with Andrea Caprio was excellent. She motivated me to take action. When I started, I knew I had to do something to change the lack of energy, lack of stamina and the overall good feeling of well being that I lacked in life. She provided me with a balanced diet. She guided me through a tough six week body cleanse that I thought for sure was impossible to achieve. I lost a total of 15 pounds and feel much better, look much better, and most of all achieved optimal health. Each person can do it as well with dedication, direction from Andrea, and by taking one day at a time. I love my new way of life and nutrition and you will also. What are you waiting for!”

          Della Rio

          Client, Lost 15 lbs

          “I haven’t felt this healthy in YEARS “, “I am filled with energy, excitement and love – focusing on doing as much good as I can in the world.”

          I have lost 30 pounds and am 5 pounds away from a normal BMI. I continue my healthy food, movement and mindfulness habits. I did need to start high blood pressure medicine. I am the lowest dose and have a normal BP now. I have started accupuncture (because this helped with weight and BP in the past). I can’t thank you enough for all that you did for me.


          Client, Lost 37 lbs