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  • Emotional Eating & Cravings: Find out what you are really hungry for
  • Holistic Health & Lifestyle: Support and prevention through natural healing methods.
  • Optimal Wellness: Nutritional and lifestyle advice on how to beat stress, anxiety, and chronic fatigue
  • Weight Loss & Emotional Eating: Simple tips, routines, and lifestyle changes to promote weight loss and beat food cravings, permanently.

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Happy Clients

“It’s so wonderful to have access to your expertise, and to feel heard and understood. You’ve provided solutions as needed, that are specific for me, which is quite comforting. I don’t feel alone in this huge undertaking.”


“I haven’t felt this healthy in YEARS “

“I am filled with energy, excitement and love – focusing on doing as much good as I can in the world.”


“I no longer turn to food to fill the void or to fill the negative emotions that sometimes come to the surface.”


How I can help to… Overcome emotional eating and cravings?

Eating food when you are hungry is one of the most common reasons for weight gain.
However, emotional eating also has a significant impact on your health.

It’s natural to experience cravings in certain situations, but when they happen all the time or become overwhelming, they can interfere with your emotional and physical well-being.

I have developed several programs to help you overcome emotional eating and cravings.


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