How to commit to change? The biggest question when wanting on how to make a change. Change is healthy and necessary, and the fast-paced world in which we live is constantly changing. Learning how to commit to change is live changing.

If we fail to adapt and learn how to commit to change, then we will fail to thrive in life.

If you sit down and reflect honestly, you will probably observe that change is the only constant thing in our lives.

Here are a few ways to help you to accept and learn how to commit to change. 

Define your commitment

First things first, define what type of change you want to commit to.

If you do not know what you are committing to, then you will never be able to truly learn how to commit to change. Be clear and be honest while defining your commitment. Make a plan by defining why you are doing this and how are you going to do this. You can even use a notebook for this purpose. 

Let’s use the example of fitness.

If you do not like the condition your body is currently in, you might decide to change it. You must define why are you doing this; be as clear, honest and detailed as you can. Set a SMART goal and get clear about the WHY you want to get fitter. Knowing how to commit to change matters!

Then draft a detailed plan regarding the methods you are going to practice to achieve this, such as improving your eating habits by preparing a meal plan in advance, adding more veggies to each meal,  adding 30 minutes of exercise each day etc.  Be as precise as possible. 

This will make you aware of what you are actually committing to and prepare yourself for the work ahead. 

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Do not be a spectator

The second thing to improve commitment to change is to make sure you are not “faking the funk,” saying you want to change without participating in the effort.

Learning how to commit to change is an obligation that you cannot fulfill if you do not fully engage with it. 

Using fitness as an example, if you are only going to the gym so you can ‘check the box’, but are not changing your eating habits as well, you won’t get the results you want.

To get the best results and to fully embrace the change, you have to understand on how to commit to change to a healthy overall lifestyle by going to the gym AND by changing your eating habits.

You must completely invest yourself in what the change requires.

Be persistent 

Commitment requires consistency.

You cannot chicken out because you are finding it hard to adapt to change or if the change is not immediately working out for you.

That is not how to make a change. To acquire great results from the change, you have to practice persistence.

Again, using the example of fitness, some days you will do well; you will eat healthy meals and you will workout like a beast. Other days will not go so smoothly.

These small failures only equate to big failures if you do not persevere and power past them to try again the next day.

You must be persistent to get the results your heart desires. 

Rather opt for small changes that you can keep then a once off big effort that makes you run away.

Refresh your motivations

Motivation is not permanent; it requires revisiting and refreshing. Go back to your notebook where you defined how to make a change.

Re-read those reasons and plans that you wrote down while you were defining your commitments when you were powerfully motivated.

This will reignite that spark. If your motivations have changed, draft your plan again and add some new reasons to the list. Write down ideas on how to make a change.

Learning on how to commit to change—any change—is significant and can be daunting.

A good idea is to use daily visualizations or using a mantra as a consistent reminder allowing you to embrace the future you.

Take some “baby steps” on how to make a change with these four tips to get started, and remember that slow and steady wins the race. 

Why Choose Healthy Habits?

Many people do not know the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

It can seem like a lot of extra work to make the switch from junk food to a nutritious diet, but for those who stick with it, they will find that their goals are easier to achieve.

A healthier life provides feelings of happiness and satisfaction that stem from the relief that comes from knowing you’re doing something good for your body.

It is important to have healthy habits for many reasons.

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According to research, healthy habits can extend your life by as much as 14 years.

Healthy habits also provide protection against the most common causes of death, such as cancer and heart disease.

Furthermore, those with healthy habits tend to enjoy high levels of physical and mental health, which impacts their ability to maintain a job and social connections.

In a nutshell, I hope I have been able to highlight the importance of committing to change and choosing healthy habits

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