Even the most passionate chefs would love to dine in a restaurant.  A scrumptious meal with your loved one can be (almost) as exceptional as a home-cooked fancy meal. Plus, you don’t need to do dishes. But the question is..“how do you keep eating healthy even when dining out?”

The downside: when you’re not in charge of the menu, it’s hard to control the healthiness of your meal.

Tips for Healthy Eating Out

Here are my top tips to ensure your dining experience stays not only awesome but is also healthy ( Trust me… I use these while dining out )

Read the Menu Before You Go

Yes! You can keep eating healthy even if you are dining out!

If you’re unfamiliar with the menu, read it before getting to the restaurant. It will give you an idea about all the healthy options they have. Most restaurants have their menu online or call before to make sure they can accommodate your diet requirements. Better even, write down what you are going to order. You are more likely to stick to it.

Keep A Balance = Eating Healthy

“Nutrition is all about the right balance,” Eat a light dinner if you eat a big lunch in the restaurant. Or, if you know that you’re going to a restaurant, plan to have lighter meals during the day. This way, when dining out, you won’t be too full… thus avoiding excess food consumption.

Decode The Menu

When browsing the menu, check out for words like breaded, Parmesan, or panko-crusted, fried, or batter-fried.

Your best food option should be the ones that are baked, broiled, or grilled. Eating healthy means opting for grilled chicken instead of a regular fried one… or a plate full of sweet potato fries instead of regular oil-loaded fries.

Drink Water Before And During Your Meal

Water is a fantastic choice for drinking before and with a meal, especially if you drink it instead of sugar/carbonated-sweetened drinks or too many alcoholic beverages. Water will keep you full.

Replacing sugar-sweetened or carbonated drinks and wine or beer with plain water can help reduce your calories and added sugar intake.

Try Eating Your Meal Mindfully

Mindful eating is eating healthy, it means making conscious choices about what you consume and giving your full attention to the eating process.

Chewing your food properly and eating slower can help you eat less. It will also make you feel full more quickly.

Ask, Ask, Ask

Don’t be afraid to ask the waiter to help you find a healthy option for your meal. For example, you could ask for a salad instead of the usual fries or fried snacks with a meal. You can also ask for food to be prepared with less oil or a moderate amount of cheese and sauces on the side.

Consider Salads Carefully

If you don’t have time to eat your salads at home, you can always find them as an option on most menus when you dine out.

Just a caution: not all salads are created equal.

Avoid ordering salads with crispy toppings, candied nuts, cheese, and croutons tons of cheese, as these ingredients can quickly transform a good-for-you bed of greens into a calorie and fat extravaganza.

Either ask for these toppings on the side, in smaller portions or omit them altogether.

Always ask for olive oil and vinegar instead of the ready-made dressing. This tip alone saves you a lot of unhealthiness.

If you follow these tips each time you dine out, your waistline and overall health will thank you.

Do you have any go-to tips for healthier dining out? Please share in the comments.

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