Mindful Eating

Working in my field as a master transformational nutrition coach and specializing in emotional eating and weight loss, I’ve learnt so much about mindful eating. Several Studies have shown that these work and results have been amazing, especially for long-term outcomes.

Whether you want to avoid overeating, lose those extra pounds or control your blood sugar, mindful eating might help you reach your goal and keep it that way.

Now, you may be wondering, what’s so great about mindful eating? Is it just a trend?

Here I share 4 secrets about mindful eating, including what it really is, why it’s important, trend Vs healthy habit, and the how to practice it effectively.

Secret 1: What is Mindful Eating? (The REAL definition)

It is about paying attention to the experience of eating and drinking.

It´s important to work your 5 senses to enjoy properly the full experience.

That means, you need to take time to smell your food, look at the colors and textures, how it feels to the touch, feel the temperature, flavor and sounds when you chew.

It’s about changing your relationship with food and enjoying the full experience!

We tend to be unconscious when we eat and become numb and barely aware of what we’re doing.

Begin to naturally learn, when your body needs food and when to stop eating!


Secret 2: Benefits of Mindful Eating on your health

The way you eat your food is as important as the food itself.

People usually ignore the fact that practicing mindful eating is one of the keys to achieving your health goal, along with a balanced diet and workout routine.

It improves your ability to cope with emotions!

Mindfulness in general increases emotional regulation.

Become aware of the fact that there is a choice between feeling an emotion and doing something (like eating).

 Manage your weight!

Mindful eating slows weight gain and may promote weight loss. 

Helps you understand and experience your hunger and satiated feelings!

Learn to use internal cues to determine what, how much, and when to eat.

Better mood and more energy!

Being overly full makes you feel fatigued and in a bad mood. When eating mindfully you are in control and your wellbeing improves.

Secret 3: Healthy habit or a fitness trend?

Some people think that it is just an idea or a fashion established by fitness influencers.

How else could it be possible to lose weight by “paying attention” to your food and body?

What people tend to ignore is that emotional eating is real and it’s one of the main causes of weight gain.

Emotions play a significant role as well during the mindful eating practice:

Be conscious about what you´re eating.

Listen to your body, what does hungry feel like?

Pay attention to your feelings before and after you eat, do you feel anxious? Happy?

The fundamental reason for our food cravings is that we’ve forgotten how to be present as we eat.

That’s why the more you listen to your body, the more you learn how to avoid cravings.

Secret 4: How to master mindful eating like a pro

Mindful eating means being grateful for food and how it nourishes your body.

The dictionary meaning of mindfulness is “the conscious awareness of the present”.

When we are mindful, we become aware of our present: what is happening around us and how we respond to these events happening in the present.

This is something that I’m slowly beginning to master.

Some of the questions that I ask myself before eating are:

Am I zoned in or zoned out?

Am I aware of what I’m eating?

What is my body feeling before, during, and after the meal?

What are my emotions right now?

How am I feeling about the food in front of me?

Am I plagued with certain thoughts, memories, myths, or beliefs?

Am I still hungry, like really hungry?

And the bonus question: Am I on a phone messaging a friend, or watching something, while I eat?


Learn How to Eat Mindfully!

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