Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the time leading to Christmas are times to enjoy shopping. It can be a lot of fun, but did you know,  it does take a toll on the body.

It is typically a time to buy stuff – lots of stuff. Stores are designed to lure you in with sales and great deals.

Now you might be asking, what is considered a “healthy habit” and how does it apply to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Holiday Season? 

A healthy habit can be defined as a behavior pattern (i.e. regular exercise, eating fruits and vegetables) that is associated with improved health and well-being. For those looking to find some balance during these crazy days and weeks, we’ve compiled a list of healthy habits that will keep you feeling energized yet relaxed.

What you should do:

  • Eat but don’t indulge

Eat at least 3 nutritious meals and snacks to be sure your body is getting enough sustenance and your blood sugar levels stay balanced.

  • Plan ahead

I recommend planning your days before big shopping sprees or holiday events so you can work out or even just take time for yourself beforehand.

This gives you more energy all day long, not just for shopping and entertainment.

  • Snack wisely 

“Pack healthy snacks so as not to overindulge in unplanned food. 

If you are looking for a healthy snack while shopping, pack some nuts! 

This is because nuts are an excellent source of protein and good fat.

Nuts are also super satisfying which will make you less likely to grab junk food while out shopping.

What you should avoid:

  • Lack of sleep: 

During the holiday period, long nights often precede the shopping days and online shopping can easily last throughout the night. Avoid impulse buys from lack of sleep or fatigue, and instead take breaks or naps prior shopping. 

  •  Dressing in uncomfortable clothing

Avoid wearing tight shoes, high heels or inconvenient clothing.

The most important thing you should do when dressing for your shopping spree is to be comfortable.

This means wearing clothes that are easy to move in – sneakers, jeans, sweatpants, and so on. 

If you can’t move comfortably, you’re likely to feel frustrated and stressed throughout the day. Neglecting this simple life hack will lead to bad decisions and store-bought food eaten on your way home.

Learn more about healthy habits, read my blog: The Ultimate Guide To Building Healthy Habits

Lastly, Enjoy spoiling yourself and others during the holiday season while staying healthy!

We all want to save money, but what about saving ourselves? 

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday Shopping are one of the most hectic moments of the year. It’s tempting to slide into some old habits like eating junk food or skipping workouts, but this is an opportunity to develop healthier habits that will stay with you for the rest of the holiday season into next year.

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