Hello to the women of the world!

Happy Women’s Month!

Cheers to being compassionate, caring, empathetic, courageous, and a wonderful woman!

The past months without a doubt have been a tremendous challenge for all of us and I salute you for doing an excellent job for keeping it all together!

Now, let me share with you a testimonial that makes me smile and proud at the same time. Kelly is a wonderful person and I’m so happy that she made a life-changing decision to reach out and work with me.

“Andrea was so easy to talk to and extremely informative! She knows a lot about how different hormonal issues and autoimmune diseases impact our bodies and I appreciated the time she took to really understand my issues and explain options!

If you’re looking to make some life changes and need help and guidance, then reach out to Andrea right away!”

Kelly B. – March 2020

Don’t Ignore Hormonal Imbalances

Most women don’t realize the changes in their bodies such as skin problems, constant mood swings, insomnia, and unexplainable weight gain, may be subtle signs of hormonal imbalance.

Hormone imbalances happen when there is not enough or too much of a certain hormone being produced by the body.

Health issues such as constipation or diarrhea, losing or gaining too much weight, hot flashes, sweating, exhaustion, and infertility can just be some of the signs and symptoms.

If left untreated, it may lead to more serious health concerns such as diabetes or thyroid conditions, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular conditions and possible tumors.

Be cautious about a hormonal imbalance, not just as the symptom, but what it may represent.

Put Yourself First

I know you are busy (we all are), but you should never put your health in the backseat. N.E.V.E.R.

I’d be thrilled to work with you and make sure that you prioritize yourself, developing a better relationship with your body, and creating a personalized, effective wellness plan that works for YOU.

Experience true transformation and achieve permanently your weight and health goals.

If you are unsure and overwhelmed with all the info out there, we can have a quick chat about it.

Through my years of experience, my emotional eating group coaching program has helped those who are anxious and clueless about how to deal with weight gain (including those who are dealing with hormone imbalance).

It is for those who struggle with emotional eating (stress eating) and who have tried every diet and think they will never get there.

If this is you, this could be the program for you too!

Why Group Coaching Could Be Your Solution

First, we have a strong community of like-minded people to discuss our experiences, support, and learn from each other.

You can meet women who might be suffering from similar issues and are willing to share their stories to inspire.

This is ideal for those who love and need support because they are not getting it elsewhere.

It’s for those who need a dose of extra “share the health love”.

You will be amazed to hear that others have similar worries and problems as you.

You feel finally “understood” is one thing I always hear from my clients within my group (True story!). It is a very powerful concept of this group program.

You can join my group coaching program on application only.

This is to ensure a good fit for all participants and you to get the best out of it. As there is a limited number of spots open, there is a waitlist at times.

I would love to welcome you too, and help you to finally reach your health and weight goals so you can feel more confident and be more energetic!

You deserve to be healthy and happy!