why sleep is so important

Why sleeping is so important? Do we really know? Maybe your parents told you that sleep is essential and it was just an excuse to have quiet time, but they were right.

Good sleep is fundamental and plays a significant role in our well-being.

A Good rest goes beyond boosting your energy and good mood.

It also benefits your weight, heart, and mind and improves your quality of life. 


So why sleep is so important? Lack of sleep affects your daily performance making you less productive. So let us know why sleep is so important.

Studies have demonstrated the effects of insufficient sleep on our physical health, stating that sleep deficiency increases the risk of obesity.

Having adequate sleep promotes a healthy balance of your hunger hormones; your level of ghrelin (which makes you feel hungry) will stay low while your level of leptin (which makes you feel full) goes up.

On the other hand, sleep deficiency also affects our brain function, making you more vulnerable to loose attention and the capability to make decisions.

Good sleep enhances healthy brain function and improves learning and problem-solving skills. That is why sleep is so important!


Are you having trouble getting some sleep? Wanna know why sleep is so important? You are in the right place!

Trying not to get anxious or stressed out over not sleeping is not easy. The more you fret and worry, the worse your insomnia becomes. It truly is a vicious cycle.


Here are some simple calming routines before bedtime to help promote better sleep


  • Take a warm bubble bath filled with lavender and Epsom salts.

  • Drinking herbal tea or chamomile tea is perfect.

  • Listening to some relaxing music

  • Reading a novel

  • Stop using electronics 2 hours before sleeping or use yellow glasses or apps (Flux or similar) to block out blue light. This will help your melatonin increase needed for sleep.

  • Start to condition your mind that you are tired and will fall asleep. It will be difficult at first, but always keep a positive mindset and not a negative one. Look forward to sleep – maybe even treat yourself to a new pillow and comforter.


Did you know there is a very common link between insomnia and anxiety?

If you are having trouble sleeping and don’t know why this may be your answer.

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