Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, but rarely are they all accepted by society. Too many of us are self-conscious and self-critical, and we all see flaws in ourselves.

The worst things we can do are make comparisons to and assumptions about others.

Perhaps we don’t think another person is justified in his or her complaints because, “At least they are thin,” or “At least they have curves.” 

We all need to learn to love who we are because we are all unique; there is no perfect body. Here are five ways to help you learn to love yourself, no matter your size. 

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others:

The most important thing you can do to start loving yourself is to stop comparing your body to someone else’s.

Comparisons only lead to jealousy and envy, and you will never be happy with yourself if you compare yourself to another.

Everyone has flaws, even they are not visible to you. We were all made differently and every body has its beauty. 

Try not to compare yourself to the models that you see in the magazines. Images in magazines are often manipulated and what is seen on the runway often results from heavy makeup and body sculpting.


Change how you perceive yourself:

In order to love yourself, you must change your perception of yourself.

Say positive things about your body and keep saying them until you actually start believing every word.

Since this is how you came to dislike your body in the first place, you kept looking at your body negatively and finding flaws until you believed everything you thought. Let’s reverse the process and find the positives.


Go to the gym:

Or the park, a dance class, a yoga class, or an exercise class.

Physical activity is a great way to learn to love your body.

Trying new exercises or taking on a physical challenge helps you get to know your body in a whole new way.

You will discover new abilities, new strengths, and new power, just by moving your body. When you see yourself, you will also start to see just what you are capable of, instead of what you look like.

Practice gratitude:

It can always be worse. Be grateful that you are healthy and that you have the resources or mental clarity to pursue something different.

Be thankful for what you have, what you can do, and how far you can go.


Be your own cheerleader:

When you look in the mirror, do not focus on the flaws.

Find the things you love about your body, and celebrate the smallest victories.

Be your own cheerleader instead of your worst enemy.

Before you can move forward in life, whether it is in a relationship, a job, or a new endeavor, success will only come after you learn to love and appreciate yourself.

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