I am lucky to have learnt from many teachers in the past. One of them is Paul Jarvis whose newsletter I read regularly. He has put together a “State of the union” email which I really liked and inspired me write my own “STATE OF THE WELLNESS METHODS UNION”. Here it goes…
2016 has been a huge year of learning for me but also allowed me to find my space. I have established myself as an expert in transformational nutrition in Miami and online. I always have been very passionate about helping people with stress related health issues which led to fatigue, digestive and weight problems. As it is closely related to my own experience, I feel that I can pass on my knowledge and help people to become more energized, less fatigued and overall improve their wellness and weight so they can reach their full potential too.
I have gone a little bit deeper in the past few months to also help people with adrenal issues and extreme tiredness (CFS, adrenal fatigue and related) so they can increase their energy. I feel this is where I can add a lot of value.
My passion about helping others, has come through my own journey, when I realized that simple nutrition and lifestyle changes have helped me to become more energized and reduce my stress response immensely. I am grateful to have helped many of my clients with some amazing results through my coaching program last year.


“In just a few sessions, Andrea was able to pin point some of the root causes of my frequent stomach problems! Her patience and willingness to find ad-hoc solutions tailored to your exact needs make her one of the most trustworthy and respected health professionals in South Florida. Highly recommended!!!” Pierre G., August 2016 – Thank you!


Not only the nutrition changes have helped a lot to feel more alive and kicking but also lifestyle changes and the approach to goal planning. This became really obvious in my 7-day ENERGY MAXIMIZER challenge.


Other things I have done in 2016:

  • 1:1 nutrition coaching mostly in Miami and online –  at the moment I offer a COMPLIMENTARY COACHING SESSION until the end of this month. Sign up here
  • I started a regular blog with information about wellness and nutrition, some great recipes…readership is increasing. Thank you!
  • My Facebook page provides daily tips and I share valuable content from around the web, it also increased readership quite a lot. If you do not yet follow, like it here
  • My Facebook group “Work life balance” is about….you guessed it… work-life balance and is an interactive group to share hacks and ask questions on how to improve energy,  health and stress. This group is growing very fast, I just had over 100 people joining me in the past 2 weeks only. You don’t want to miss the fun, join Work Life Balance now.
  • I have done a few webinars with great participation about how to improve your energy. You can watch one of my webinars and videos on Youtube
  • I am regularly having an article featured along with other amazing health care experts in the Live, Love and Eat Magazine. This is a really great online magazine with excellent articles each months. I love reading it and get a lot of wisdom from it.
  • And most importantly, I have connected with many amazing and like-minded people and in the process been learning, growing, and sharing a lot. I am most grateful for this.


For 2017 I have planned the following:

  • I already started last week a 7-day ENERGY MAXIMIZER challenge in my Facebook group and had overwhelming success. I will organize another challenge next month and more thereafter.
  • Besides expanding my 1:1 coaching, I am organizing more group coaching this year and have planned to launch a brand new program in March. Watch out for more news on this. I am quite excited!
  • Video is the way to go, so I will do some short wellness and nutrition infodeos (now I just made this up, it is informational and fun videos) regularly on my website, in my Facebook group and through my newsletter.
  • I will continue blogging, sending a weekly newsletter and share valuable content and showcase special information and programs on my Facebook page and my Facebook group “Work life balance” Let me know what topics are interesting to you.
  • I have been asked to participate as a guest speaker in a few summits this year. More on this later on. I am happy that I can reach a larger audience.
  • I continue guest blogging and appearing on podcasts and interviews. I want to expand on this as they are really fun to do and provide a lot of value (to the listeners, the host and myself). I may even start my own podcast…Anybody interested? – let me know what tickles your interest and watch out for my notices on my Facebook page
  • I started using a wonderful app Meal Garden this year and became one of their experts (contributing soon some of my recipes). This app is revolutionary as it allows to easily put together a meal plan, shopping list and chose ready made meal plans, all based on your preferences. You have to check it out, I highly recommend it.
  • Oh and then I have planned to work together with a wonderful colleague on developing a revolutionary wellness program. But this is still top secret and in the planning phase.
  • I am also constantly working on honing my skills and have signed up for a fabulous Master program and plan on adding some further skills later on. At the moment I am upping my social media skills, I think it’s the way to go as an entrepreneur.


The most important for this year is that I want to be more aligned to what you need and how I can help you with your health concerns. Please leave a comment below to let me know: What would you like to see or hear from me? What is your biggest health challenge? How can I serve you better?
I would like to thank you all for being part of my journey and my tribe. I am very honored that you are still reading 😉
Love to you all!


Andrea Caprio, CTNC, CCWC
Founder and owner of Wellness Methods