Cave into Snacking: Choosing the Healthier Option


Snack, in its literal form, is defined as a small amount of food that we generally eat between meals. It usually comes in a variety of forms and often times we choose to snack on the ones that we crave the most. Snack options are limitless, and this is sometimes becoming a health hazard for some. Although snacking sounded so harmless, some of us tend to overdo snacks. 
For some, snacking is just extra eating and is unnecessary. But in reality, even if snacking has developed a “bad image” it is okay to cave into snacking. This is acceptable, especially if you opt for a healthier option. Snacks actually provide extra energy. It can also help you reduce overeating as it helps decrease your hunger. This can generally keep you from overeating during mealtime.


There are different reasons why people snack. Some do it because they are stressed. Some do it to meet their craving, some eat snacks to fill their tummy a little before the actual meal. But, most people seem to lose control over snacking when their emotions rise. Some emotional reasons why we snack are the following;


No matter how you fight the urge to snack, it sometimes wins over you, and it is okay to give in to snacking! Snacking won’t do you harm as long as you choose the better option.
As aforementioned, snack options are limitless and their variety is overwhelming. And, among the options are the better ones. Agreeing to snack and choosing the healthier option is the best decision you will ever make. 


Ideally, a snack should please your craving and fill you up a bit until the next meal. And this is possible even if you choose the healthier option. The ideal snack should contain the three key nutrients: fiber, protein, and healthy fat. This keeps you full longer and stabilizes sugar level which helps you keep cravings at bay. This combination also helps you get more energy and probably save money. It will keep you from indulging into some processed snack options. If you want to be very specific about it, here are some tips and factors you should consider;
  • Pairing protein and carb to help keep you full longer
  • Pick the ones that are high in fiber and water and low in fat and sugar
  • Snack-size should be the right size, enough to satisfy you
  • Choose fresh fruits over fruit-flavored drinks
  • Limit the options that contain added sugar



  • Mixed nuts
  • Greek yogurt and mixed berries
  • Celery sticks with cream cheese
  • Kale chips
  • Dark chocolates
  • Fruits
  • Cheese and cherry tomatoes
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Turkey roll-ups

There are also some better and quick recipe options that you can follow like;

Remember it is never wrong to give in to your cravings sometimes. This is as long as you can control and do not over-do it. Besides, caving into snacking is okay as long as you choose the healthier options. And if you want to guarantee you are doing it right you can click the button below to discuss your options. You may also follow some extra tips below;
  • Plan your snack. Put it in a small container so you can easily carry it. This prevents you from going to the local grocer and munching on those processed snacks
  • Replace the candy dish with a fruit bowl in your office desk of home
  • Moving unhealthy or unwanted snacks into a non-visible or non-easy to reach-area.

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Enjoy and happy snacking!


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