It’s February, the love month. Chocolate month!

Are you feeling the love?

Wait, before you say “NO” you have to remember that the so-called love month is not just for couples, it is for EVERYBODY! For your family, fur-family included, friends, co-workers, and especially YOU!

If it would be so easy with self-love. Working with my clients, I see how many struggles with this part. But in order to give and receive love, we need to start with loving ourselves.

Love thy self

There are a ton of ways to celebrate “Self-Love” that may change your life.

1. Acceptance.
Understand and embrace your choices. Agree to act on things that needed action especially if it’s pulling you down (such as getting rid of those unhealthy bags of chips)

2. Create your mantra.
Your motivation should be driven by YOU, nothing more, nothing less. Know your unlimited potential to create value in the world. More than anyone else, you know you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it.

3. Be humble.
Stop feeling insecure and never compare yourself to others. Because YOU can love yourself, be supportive instead of getting jealous or envious. Life is never a competition. Stand strong in who you are, and you support those around you.

4. Radiate confidence.
Go get dressed. Hold your head up high & have more fun in life. You are beautiful, you are powerful, and you are wonderful. Flaunt those positive vibes and stay away from negativity.

5. Be healthy.
Taking care of your body & well-being is self-love, prioritize self-care because your mental well-being is just as important as your physical well-being. Be wiser with your meal choices, and your eating habits.

Indulge but be wise

Now that we are talking about self-love, there is an important area to discuss…chocolate!

Who doesn’t love chocolates?

Yeah! The ultimate happy pill 😊😊

How we all wish for the chocolate manufacturers to cut off all those extra sugars and milk so we can enjoy this form of important self-love expression.

Yes, you heard me right, as a nutrition expert, I say that chocolate can be healthy, provided it have no or very little sugar, or are sweetened with stevia, and is 85%+ raw, organic chocolate.

Health benefits of chocolates:

1. Healthy heart
Studies show that flavonoids in chocolate can help your veins and arteries to stay supple. In a study, participants were given few servings of dark chocolate a week. As the results showed that their risk of getting a heart attack was reduced by about 37% while the chances of getting a stroke were 29% less when they had a higher consumption of chocolate.

2. Better mood
The cocoa polyphenols found on chocolates have beneficial effects on the mood and may make you calmer and happier. Chocolate also releases serotonin and another feel-good hormone called dopamine. Because of that release, people crave the feel-good and can become addicted, much in the same way people can get addicted to caffeine or nicotine. (that’s why it should be eaten in moderation)

3. Highly nutritious
Chocolates with high cocoa content (75% to 85%) are a very nutritious snack. The typical 100-gram chocolate bar has almost all of your RDA for copper and manganese. It contains over half your magnesium RDA and about two thirds (67%) of your RDA for iron. It also has about 10% of fiber. There is also lots of zinc, selenium, and potassium.

With all these laid out, I hope you will make yourself your top priority this love month, more than candies, flowers, and letters.

Do yourself a favor and love yourself, with a little of 85%+ chocolate.


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