“Earn a healthy income while sharing your passion for health and wellness. Learn how to become a health coach!”

You’ve probably heard the stories about how to become a health coach is a path to a flexible, fulfilling career. But surely not everyone who completes health coach training ends up with a lucrative career, right? What’s really possible as a health coach, and how do you know if health & nutritional coaching is the right next step for you?

These are some of the questions, I get asked when I tell people about my amazing path to becoming first a CTNC and further qualifying as a Master Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach with the Institute for Transformational Nutrition. Let me share with you the deets:

What Is The Difference Between A Health Coach And A Nutrition Coach?


Health coaches are trained in coaching skills that allow them to support and enhance how their clients respond and react to their recommendations and suggestions.


Nutrition coaches and nutrition professionals have an advanced holistic nutrition education that allows them to make proven, evidence-based health and wellness recommendations.

Nutrition professionals have a science-based education, focusing on a foundation of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, nutrient composition, and the science behind food, plus much more. They are well researched, think critically, and address their clients’ concerns on a deeper, knowledgeable level.

Transformational Nutrition is the scientific study of health and human wellness in multiple areas including physical nutrition, mental nutrition, and spiritual nutrition.

It’s the only coaching method that focuses on all three areas of healthy living which allows you to transform your health and your life at the same time

We’ll tell you how to get started, what to expect, and how to find a career in nutrition that works for you.

Get schooled: Available Programs and Certificates

First things first—it’s imperative that you receive proper training in health coaching and nutrition before you start working with clients. You’ll want to pick a program that correlates with the type of job you’re interested in

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The Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach Program (CTNC) and the Master Certified Health Coach (MCHC) Program from the institute of transformational nutrition are unlike any other nutrition or health coaching certification available – see why!

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach Program (CTNC)

A foundational course made up of 5 different pillars – science, psychology, spirituality, coaching and business.

Master Certified Health Coach (MCHC) Program

This is the advanced program, which offers 8 different specialist courses. The MCHC program does not however offer the foundational science, psychology, spirituality & coaching lessons. MCHC is best for individuals already in the health space or CTNC grads – other certified coaches, physical therapists, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, yoga teachers, personal trainers, etc. 

They also provide a Free course.- 3 Proven Steps to Be Successful as a Modern-Day Coach

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