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Meal Prep for Weight Loss: It’s Time To Address The Issue

We keep telling ourselves that we want to lose weight.

It’s not always easy or fun, but we want to be able to live a life where we really can say it ourselves, “Yes, I took care of me. I loved myself enough to do that.”

Well, if you really want to lose weight, then it’s time to do Meal Prep for Weight Loss

It’s hard, but meal prep for weight loss allows you to really optimize your body and be the best that you can be.

To be in your best condition, you need to really take care of yourself and find simple ways to prioritize and keep on track.

So, today, I’ll be discussing the healthy habits you need in order to build up the importance of meal prepping for weight loss.

Why is that?

When you have planned out your meals and prepared them, you opt for healthier choices.

You are less likely to just grab an unhealthy, quick option.

And this, of course, done over time, leads to a healthier life and weight loss.

How to become a Meal Prep Champion

Waking Up Early

It’s a basic one, but you need to build the habit of waking up early for yourself if you want to be able to do meal prep for weight loss like a pro.

The thing about it is, when you wake up early as a habit, you give yourself more time in the day to focus and more time in the day to be able to prepare things properly. See, our bad habits when it comes to meal prep come from inadequate preparation time for our food.

Because we’re in a rush, we just grab out the food that we see instead of the food our body needs. So, by waking up earlier and making that a habit, you give yourself more time to prepare the right food, the food that your body needs.

But waking up early is hard. That’s why, to build healthy habits, you may need to lessen your caffeine intake.

Lessen Your Caffeine

To do meal prep for weight loss, and to wake up earlier, you need to lessen your caffeine intake.

You may be saying to yourself, “I know, Andrea! But I can’t live without my coffee.” But I’m not telling you to stop drinking caffeine–I’m telling you to lessen it.

See, caffeine, while not entirely good for you, isn’t inherently harmful in small doses. The problem is when we drink too much for us to be able to sleep or function normally. You don’t need any caffeine, you need less.

Even if you drink caffeine, it’s not the end of the world. But the half-life of caffeine is 5 hours, so you need to stop drinking caffeine at the right time when the caffeine would be largely gone from your system. Whether that’s 4 p.m. or 2 p.m., you need to stop drinking then and there so that your body can rest.

Caffeine is pretty important, but if we’re talking about meal prep for weight loss, then you need to get your food as fresh as possible to get the best results.

Buy Your Ingredients Fresh

You need to take care of yourself.

And taking care of yourself can mean a lot of things, but it should also mean not eating processed food as much and instead of buying your ingredients fresh.

“What does that mean, Andrea?” I’ll tell you what that means: instead of buying ready-to-eat foods that you can get out of a can or eating take-out food from fast-food places where the grease is on everything they serve or eating packaged food with an ingredients list that you don’t understand and that has more than 5 items.

So, that greasy hamburger and fries combo that you want to eat on your lunch break? No. You eat healthy, and your body will thank you as you get older.

Eating nothing but pizza for five days straight? No. Stand up for yourself, and eat your fresh, leafy vegetables. When you don’t have high cholesterol in your 40s, you can thank me then.

You need to choose the right habits for yourself, or you’ll never really feel better about yourself. Only then can you do meal prep for weight loss like it’s no problem.

If It’s Not Intuitive For You…

…then that’s OK. It’s OK because you can learn all of these now. And if you got this far, then maybe you want to learn about them. If that’s so, then I may have something to help you out.

With our Food Freedom Foundation Workshop you can learn how to stop food cravings and instead implement simple, healthy habits for lasting weight loss, even if you struggled before.

In this Workshop, I am going to teach you a step-by-step system to help you stop food cravings and implement healthy habits for weight loss without getting off track, so you can finally feel confident with long-lasting energy to engage in the activities you enjoy.

Using my Food Freedom Foundation Workshop, a simple, proven system for overweight people who lack time, you can lose weight without getting off track, feel confident, and have long-lasting energy.

Trust me, I know it from my experience.




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