The REAL reason why sugar is so bad and what to do to stop eating it the easy way. If you want to go sugar free, read this!

Sugar is everywhere these days. Whether it is the usual granulated sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, glucose, dextrose, sugar-alcohols, or any other variation, sugar is bad news when it comes to gut health.

Our gut

is responsible for 70-80% of our overall health and has good and bad bacteria. Sugar feeds the “bad” bacteria and increases it creating an imbalance in the gut.

A diet high in sugar causes inflammation throughout the body including the gut, which interferes with nutrient digestion and absorption.

As the gut is directly linked to the brain this can affect our mood, energy, may lead to memory loss and other age related cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer.


The gut-brain axis is responsible for craving more sugar as the “bad” bacteria in your gut need sugar to stay alive and signal the brain to feed them more of it. You see, that’s why you crave sugar, not because you don’t will power. It is a vicious circle and hard to break but there are ways to do so, read on.

An unhealthy gut can lead to inflammation which in return can lead to all kind of diseases such as chronic pain/arthritis, cardio vascular diseases, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer and so much more.

Weight Gain

Another important aspect, is the link between sugar and weight gain. Over years, the food industry has promoted low fat diet but in fact adequate (healthy) fat and protein are important fuels for your body to stay alert and have sustained energy. Eating sugar and other simple carbohydrates (like white flour products) increase your blood sugar but after a short while it comes crashing down. We usually eat more simple carbs to feel less tired/hangry/sad etc. and it is a constant up and down which is detrimental to our health and weight. This oversupply of simple carbs isn’t used for energy production but eventually stored as fat.


4 ugly truths about sugar (If you want to sugar free)

1. I don’t eat white sugar, so I am ok, right? Wrong!

 The food manufacturers come up with new names all the time. They use sugar like products to hook you and to improve the taste of nutrient deficient processed food. Most sweet products are processed and harmful to your body as they do not supply any nutrients and feed your “bad” bacteria”. The names of sugar replacements are endless and even so called healthy “sugars” such as honey, fruit juice/concentrates, agave, cane sugar and maple syrup are unhealthy and should be avoided all together.

Find the list of over 50 hidden “Sugar Names” in my  guide  “Sugar in disguise” part of my “Sugar Free Starter Kit”


2. I am not eating that much sugar. Really?

95% of my clients say that and once we have gone through their actual food intake or when I go with them through their pantry or on a shopping tour, they realize the amount of sugar that actually hides in their food. Label reading is one of the most precious skills I teach my clients.

Keep my “Sugar in disguise” guide handy while shopping and never be deceived again.


3. I am using artificial sweetener instead, I am good. Not!

 Artificial Sweetener may be linked to memory issues, cancer, auto immune and many other diseases. This would be enough material for another article all together but it actually makes the body crave sweet food more  and is responsible for more weight gain as several large scale prospective cohort studies found in examining the positive correlation between artificial sweetener use and weight gain.


4. I  just can’t help myself. I need sweet stuff when I am stressed, sad, bored or [add when you crave comfort food)

 Unfortunately, this is the biggest issue for almost everybody. We have been educated and trained over years (often since childhood) to replace or enhance our emotional issues, stress and other “Troubles” by food. Even happy events are usually celebrated by eating sweet things. The trick is to find out “What you are REALLY missing” when craving comfort food and learn new behavior and habits to replace the old ones.

Often identifying and being aware of the issues at hand, help to start implementing one new habit.


3 top tips to go sugar free

Stop eating sugar. Seriously, just start with identifying the sugar you eat and replace it by healthier options step by step. It get’s easier once you reverse the vicious cycle.

1. Cravings

When you crave something, get yourself busy for a few seconds and often the craving disappears. You could take a few deep breath, call a friend, go for a walk and find out if you still want the sweet food. Often drinking a glass of water or herbal tea helps. I also like to eat almond butter (without sugar) or a fruit. I keep some healthy chocolate or biscuits ready and have one or 2 pieces from time to time. These are really healthy and delicious. You can find them in my “Sugar Free Starter Kit”

 2. Blood sugar

To keep your blood sugar stable and have more energy, make sure you eat a diet with 50% fruit and veggies (predominantly non-starchy veggies, little fruit), 20% healthy protein (lean chicken breast, fish, and pulses) 10 % healthy fats (seeds, nuts, avocado, olive/coconut oil) and healthy grains (quinoa, oats, brown rice). Have the majority of your grains at night not for breakfast or lunch which will reduce blood sugar spikes and fatigue. Check out the perfect sample menu including a smoothie builder in my “Sugar Free Starter Kit”

3. Healthy sugar alternatives

Replace sugar with Stevia, Xylitol or Monk fruit in your food or beverages if you really like them sweet. You can also bake or use in smoothies and desserts dates, fresh or dried fruits. Just remember they still have a high a high sugar content.


And now what? It seems impossible to put it all together.

I have put together my 3 R’s “Sugar Free Starter Kit” which gives you all the info you need

  • Recognize: “Sugar in disguise” to identify the bad and ugly
  • Replace: A “healthy food List” to help you eat healthier all over. Try to gradually implement healthier options.
  • Rebuild: The “Perfect sample menu and smoothie builder”

Bonus: My favorite sugar-free chocolate recipe.

Know more about Sugar and how you can easily find it in disguise in my article, “Spot Sugar Mile Away!”


I would love to read your comments and questions below. I read them all and will reply to them.