Today I want to tell you how to lose weight in ten days. 

This blog post helps busy people who have tried everything to finally achieve how to lose weight in   ten days by implementing simple habits.

My effective tips on how to lose weight in ten days will help you to prepare your body and kickstart your weight loss by implementing easy and quick solutions designed specifically for busy people who have tried everything without results and who struggle with procrastination and being too busy.

Jennifer was such a client who struggled with these kinds of issues.

She came into my practice last year and the first thing she said to me was “Oh I tried everything how to lose weight in ten days and nothing works”. 

I don’t know how many people have said the same phrase but if I would get a dollar each time, I would be rich. 

Perhaps you’re in the same boat, like Jennifer, having tried diet after diet and nothing worked, and feel that you are a failure and are doing something wrong. 

Jennifer was a busy exec, never having time, feeling stressed, and struggling with changes due to perimenopause. She has been battling with self-sabotage, procrastination, and stress eating leading to a vicious cycle of eating, feeling shame, and eating more to forget. 


This has led to weight gain, low energy, moodiness, and some health issues. 

Jennifer tried several diets but they did not work or she lost some weight to gain more. The frustration to know how to lose weight in ten days grew deeper.


When we started working together, within a short time, we implemented a plan that finally unblocked the weight loss plateau.

Like for Jennifer, there is a way for YOU to know how to lose weight in ten days that doesn’t require much effort, regardless of how busy you are.

Whether you are experiencing perimenopause, menopause, or hormonal issues, there is a way to overcome the plateau. 


Especially people with cravings who struggle with willpower and procrastination are those who benefit from my simple weight loss tips. 


By following these simple tips, you will finally be able to feel more confident, be more active instead of feeling exhausted all the time, and of course, achieve weight loss and feel free.

In this article, I want to provide you with my top tips on how to lose weight in ten days. My goal is to show you that there is a method that does not require much effort, is convenient for busy individuals, and allows you to implement a plan that is different from dieting and brings results instead of what you’ve been doing in the past unsuccessfully.


This is a different approach from calorie counting, restriction, and yoyo dieting. It helps you to overcome procrastination by learning habits instead of using willpower.


Let’s get ready to learn how to lose weight in ten days. 


Start by adding one new habit per day.


Day 1 – Balance Macros

To help accelerate your weight loss one of the most important things is to have correctly balanced macros and eat predominantly whole Foods. Look out for a balanced ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and fats from natural sources, and by making sure you keep your fiber to 30 to 35 g per day and your protein on average 30 g per meal or more.  Please remember we all are different, and optimal food intake depends on your needs and may be adjusted. Always make sure you check with your healthcare provider.


Day 2 – Avoid foods with many ingredients

Remove foods that are preventing fat loss and increase inflammation often leading to hormonal imbalances and a weight loss plateau. Check your pantry and your fridge to identify all processed foods (refined carbs, white flours, sugar, unhealthy fats, etc) that are void of nutritional value and start getting rid of them. Especially, look out for processed foods that have a long ingredients list, have added sugar, and foods containing ingredients that you might be intolerant to such as gluten or dairy.


Day 3 – Quench your thirst

Often people mistake hunger for thirst. By making sure you are hydrated at all times, you prevent not only your body from dehydration but also help overcome cravings. Furthermore, the digestive system needs water to help move things which also plays an important part in losing weight fast. Track your water intake and aim for 8 big glasses or 64 oz of water at least every day.


Day 4 – Sleep for fast weight loss

Yes!!! It is true you can lose weight while you sleep! This is not just a slogan but studies have shown that weight loss is directly related to sleeping enough. Sleep deprivation such as sleeping under 7 hours, can impact melatonin levels affecting your satiety and hunger hormones (leptin and ghrelin) which play an important role in losing weight. Ideally, opt for 8 hours of sleep and start by implementing a sleep routine and stick to a regular sleep time.


Day 5 – Stress management

Another important part to help you address weight loss issues is your stress. The adrenals and related to them, your cortisol levels play an important role in your blood sugar regulation and thus can affect other hormones such as your thyroids. It becomes clear that too much stress contributes to weight gain or the inability to lose weight. Especially eating while stressed can lead to mindless overeating. Start by practicing mindful eating and include stress management practices such as meditation, breathing exercises, walking, or yoga.


Day 6 – Move your body

Weight loss without exercise can be possible but certainly, exercise helps to accelerate weight loss by simply applying the calories in and out equation. More importantly, exercise can lead to more happiness which affects neurotransmitters, and hormones, and as a result, can reduce cravings. Many people struggle to have a regular exercise routine that is beneficial for them. If exercise is an area you struggle with, start small. Make it easy and find something that is enjoyable for you. Instead of trying to go for one hour to the gym why not have a 5-minutes dancing session, followed by a short walk around the block? One way on how to lose weight in ten days is this. Taking the stairs instead of the lift, parking the car further away, playing with the kids, or doing something just fun for you all add up and can lead to a pleasurable movement schedule without feeling the pain.


Day 7 – Make it easy

Today you want to work on making your environment as conclusive as possible to achieve your weight loss goals. Start by removing all unhealthy foods from your pantry and have healthy options readily available. Often when we are busy and don’t have time to prepare healthy meals, we opt for Fast Food. When taking little time to plan and prepare food in advance, it’s much easier to follow a healthy schedule. Also, remember to look out for social commitments or triggers and plan around them.


Day 8 – Get to the root

When we struggle with cravings or weight issues there are often root causes that need addressing. It could be boredom and solving this is as easy as finding something else to do instead of giving into cravings. You could develop some activities each time you want to eat, or you could start journaling and realize what purpose you are trying to fulfill with food. Or you can simply keep a journal and track symptoms, triggers food you eat and try to recognize a pattern. Working with clients we have a well-developed assessment that helps us to discover the root causes so we can address them. If interested to find out more, book a call here.


Day 9 –  Reset your body

The body can get stuck and this can be one of the reasons that you are hitting a weight loss plateau. Eating unhealthy foods, being exposed to toxins, and just life in general can lead to the liver becoming sluggish. When the liver is not functioning optimally, our digestive system can be affected as well as will hormones. This can lead to high inflammation and additional fat. Allowing the liver to detox and your body to reset itself is often one of the most important steps to kick-start your weight loss journey. For this, I have developed my 10-day reset diet which is a great program to help you kick start your journey in learning how to lose weight in ten days. In it, you’ll find a comprehensive guide, meal plans, recipes, and plenty of tips on how to reset your body and start your weight loss journey.

 Day 10 – Celebrate

As important as it is to start small and be consistent with your newfound habits, it is also important to celebrate! Spend some time reflecting on what you have achieved. Make a list of your wins by focusing on the habits that you can control. Practice gratitude for yourself and those around you. Be gentle to yourself. You are doing well!!

If you are serious about implementing more habits allowing you to deepen your weight loss and health journey, I would love to help you kickstart that journey. I would love to gift you a free weight loss consultation where we will explore your goals, and the areas you are struggling with, and from there develop an action plan that works for you. You will walk away with my 5 Step Food Freedom Formula blueprint and ways to achieve your weight and health goals.


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