Have you ever felt disconnected or lost? This feeling may be a hint or way of your body telling you that you need to stop, focus and heal. This may be a good reason for you to start to recharge your energy, a reason for you to restart and start grounding.

What is grounding?

One of the foundational skills of energy healing is grounding. “Being down to earth” is maybe its literal meaning but really it simply means to connect your energy back to earth. Grounding is a process that helps your body to connect to life-sustaining earth energies via chakra. It humbles you and makes you feel better.

When you are grounded your mind, body and soul are aligned, this means that your body naturally initiates action and you in alignment with what you attract for yourself. 


How do you know when you need to be grounded?


Being grounded helps you feel more secure and stable. It allows you to release excess energy to the earth helping to restart, nourish and re-stabilize. There are ways to know if you need to recharge your energy with the earth’s natural nourishment and below are some hints that you are maybe ignoring before;

  • You are daydreaming more often than usual or regular
  • Feeling fatigued, drained or tired more than the usual
  • Having constant feeling that you lost your life’s purpose
  • Often losing train of thoughts
  • Often feeling bored and unwilling to get up and do something fun
  • Have the feeling that you are always discouraged to do something
  • Burned out but does not do anything about it
  • Often stuck in analysis paralysis
  • Disconnected and feeling like you don’t belong

These may seem like a normal emotional letdown or a common phase that everyone goes through but in reality, this is your body telling you that you need to heal, you need to recharge, you need to go back to the ground and reconnect to the earth.

If you are having second thoughts or are confused as to whether you may need a grounding session or not, you can always consult an expert or reach out to book a free session with me.


What are the benefits of grounding?


Being grounded should apply to everyone. When you are grounded, you naturally feel centered, solid, strong, balanced, less tense and more relaxed. This can lead to naturally feeling good and experiencing less pain. 

But you may ask, what really is it that you may get when grounding yourself? 

  • Decreases pain
  • Generally reduces stress levels
  • Increases bodily awareness and physical health
  • Gain self-awareness
  • Helps you achieve mental clarity
  • You get to connect to the spirit and the divine
  • Seeing people as they are
  • Feeling better generally

How do you ground yourself?


There are simple ways of grounding that you can follow and practice every day.

  • Walking barefoot
  • Eat nourishing food
  • Stand barefoot outdoors
  • Touch the earth


And when you find more time to connect to the earth, you may try the following.

  • Find a place where you can find serenity and won’t be disturbed. Locate a sitting spot where you can comfortably sit with spines straight.
  • Start with closing your eyes. Inhale and exhale, taking in the natural air and imagine the roots extending the soles of your feet. Imagine pressing into the earth and let yourself sink deep into it.
  • Feel the connection with the earth. Allow your body to sense the earth’s energy
  • Use the roots to shake away the unwanted and excess energy in your body. Give back the stress and pain that you are feeling back to the earth and let the earth heal it and nourish your energy back.
  • Allow the fresh and nourishing energy to flow back to your body. Accept it and let it climb up from your legs until your body absorbs it.
  • Allow the earth to nourish and revitalize and calm you. Enjoy the feeling.
  • And finally, when you’re ready, open your eyes and come back to the world recharged and revitalized.


How will you know when you are adequately grounded?


Now, you may have a question in your head, “how often should I ground myself” – when practicing self-care, it is not a question of how much and how often. Let your body tell you when you need it or when it’s enough.

There are many ways to keep to the ground and if you want to get more information you may find more information by following my social profile for more tips or reaching out to me