Here is my super handy cheat sheet packed with easy tips to help you conquer your cravings.

You can check it out below or dive into the Google Doc if that’s more your style. Click here to get the google doc (no email needed)

Plus, I’ve put together a special video walkthrough just for you, breaking down all the tips to make sure you’re all set to conquer those cravings.

    Video Walk Through

    Conquer Cravings Cheat Sheet

    Here is the link if you want to get the google doc or print it 

    Conquer Cravings:

    • Identify Triggers: Keep a journal to note when cravings hit. Are they tied to emotions, specific times, or situations? Look out for patterns and triggers.
    • Healthy Substitutes: Have a list of go-to healthy snacks that satisfy your sweet tooth without the sugar spike. Think fruit, dark chocolate, humus or yogurt.

    Overcome Procrastination:

    • Set Realistic Goals: Break your ultimate goal into smaller, achievable steps. Celebrate each victory to build confidence.
    • Positive Affirmations: Create a list of affirmations that reinforce your ability to overcome challenges. Repeat them daily.
    • Procrastination is usually based on Fear. Often we think it’s because of fearing Failure but it is actually Fear of Success. Think about what may be a negative aspect of reaching your goals and ask yourself if it’s true.

    Tackling Sugar Cravings:

    • Understand Your Craving: Is it physical or emotional? Physical cravings can be addressed with healthy foods, while emotional cravings might require a different approach, like a walk or a chat with a friend. Make a list of a few non-food based activities that provide comfort or address your emotions.
    • Fiber & Protein: Incorporate more fiber-rich foods and protein into your meals to keep you full and reduce sugar cravings.

    Daily Practices:

    • Mindful Eating: Before giving in to a craving, pause for a moment. Assess whether you’re truly hungry or just responding to an emotion or habit.
    • Stay Hydrated: Sometimes, thirst is mistaken for hunger or cravings. Drink a glass of water and wait a few minutes.

    Emergency Plan for Sugar Cravings:

    • Cinnamon: This spice helps regulate blood sugar levels, which can reduce sugar cravings. Sprinkle it on your coffee or oatmeal.
    • 5-Minute Distraction: Engage in a brief activity to shift your focus. A short walk, deep breathing, or a quick stretch can help.

    Long-Term Strategies:

    • Regular Meals: Eating balanced meals at regular intervals prevents blood sugar dips that lead to cravings.
    • Sleep Well: Lack of sleep can increase cravings. Aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night.


    • Progress, not perfection, is key.
    • Every small step forward is a win.
    • Reach out for support when needed.


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