How many of you find your brain coming up with excuses every time you think about starting something challenging?

It’s a natural mechanism that your brain uses in order to keep you from danger & discomfort.

I like to call it ‘head trash’. Certainly, it is hard to hear, but I’m not in the business of being comfortable. I am in the business of transformation!

So when those doubts & excuses pop up, it’s your duty to push forward even though your mindset is afraid of failing.

Instead of letting those excuses get to you, let’s rewrite the dialogue in your head to remind yourself to be a better version of yourself in 2020.

To help you, I’ve narrowed down the list to 5 easy steps to be a better you in 2020:

1. Welcome the Future with Open Arms

Every new year, life offers lots of opportunities. Don’t miss them. The best things in life happen outside of your comfort zone.

Be ready to welcome new people, new circumstances, new experiences, and new life lessons. Use every opportunity to learn something and gain something that will make you a better person this year.

2. Thinking Positively is Vital

Positivity is the primary step to becoming a better YOU this 2020. Here are some ways to think positively to be a better you:

    • Focus more on the bright side of every situation
    • Face every obstacle lightly
    • Stay motivated to reach your health and weight loss goals this year

–> Extra tip: I scschedule “worry time” on Sunday at 10 am. Outside of it, I don’t allow myself to worry. Guess what, come Sunday I usually forget about it. Very effective!

3. Ask for Guidance

The most important of all is, ask for guidance to the people who truly care for your welfare. May it be from your family, health coach, accountability partner, or best of friends.
Faith saves us in the darkest moments of our lives. No matter what you seek always ask for guidance to people who lift you up. Your belief in the existence of a higher force allows you to climb becoming the best version of you. It also gives you hope and pushes you to move forward.

–> Extra tip: My coach Erin has made me believe in myself like nobody ever did. As a result, I am able to do the same for my clients. This is priceless! Get that person into your life.

4. Exercise, keep your mind and body healthy

What better way to start the year than keeping your mind and body in a healthy shape, right? Start your 2020 by investing in a workout plan or challenge. Or you can try a set of simple exercise such as the following:

    • Stretching
    • Walking or brisk walking
    • Curl-ups
    • Jumping jacks
    • A 5-minute thread mill
    • Riding a bicycle
    • Attending a Zumba or a dance session
    • Rebounding (really good for your lymph)

Be a better you this 2020 by taking care of your physical body. Next thing you’ll know, you’ll be able to fit in your skinny clothes again that you’ve been keeping inside the closet for a few years now!

5. Prioritize Self-Care

Make a promise to prioritize yourself this 2020. Stop being a people-pleaser. Lose weight and be fit and fab for yourself, not just to impress other people. Put self care first.

Boost your confidence by starting each day with positive intention to make your day your best day. Affirm, announce or practice saying that you are going to make this day (and every day) meaningful.

Affirmation is essential especially when you are still on the road to recovery. Self-talk is also important. And accountability will make sure you stay on track.

Love yourself. Invest in yourself by doing the following self-care:

    • Invest in a health and wellness coach
    • Follow a meal plan
    • Buy a health and wellness diet e-cookbook
    • Do a workout
    • Participate in a weekly or monthly diet challenge
    • Choose to eat healthily (always buy healthy, natural, and organic foods)
    • Sign up for digital habit coaching on Coach me 

Don’t let your negative mindset keep you from your greatness and rising to your potential!

Are you ready to change your lifestyle & finally start building new habits towards sculpting your true self in 2020?