You want to stop overeating… you’ve come to the right place!

Your drawer is filled with cookies and chocolate that you secretly eat when too stressed. Coming home after a loooooong day, you head to the freezer to find joy in the ice cream tub. You are so exhausted, a big bowl of chips in front of TV is your regular dinner.You feel overwhelmed by too much work and only find relief when eating.

Hey, you are super successful, an entrepreneur, speaking in front of crowds and having photo shoots for your blog but looking in the mirror you really feel bloated in these tight-fitting jeans. You wonder what others think and hope that no photo showing the belly flap will go viral. Maybe you should cancel your event all together….

I’ve got news for you, overcoming emotional eating is easier than you think!

Check out my programs and see what’s right for you! I help you overcome cravings and instill healthy habits with a breeze. Together we can work to look at the root cause of your food cravings or weight issues and help with emotional eating and self-care. My programs are tailor-made to suit your health and personal situation, it’s called personalized nutrition!

Your dream is perhaps to finally get a better job or have your own company, to make more money or buy your house. You want to work less, travel more and have more free time to spend with your family and friends. It is possible once you have overcome the blockages to the wellbeing you deserve!

I’ve been there too…

I understand how you feel and I’m glad you’re here because I know I can help you. How? I have been there myself. I’ve been stressed all the time due to a really demanding job and own business, having kids and running a busy life. I developed various digestive issues, food cravings, extreme fatigue, and no energy, had often migraines, hormonal issues and just didn’t realize that my health was deteriorating. Once I started living a balanced, organized lifestyle and eating the right food,  my food cravings starting disappearing, my energy, my health, and my life improved, and that’s why I want to pass on this knowledge to you. Using my condensed knowledge from studying as a transformational nutrition coach,  emotional eating expert, and corporate wellness and high performance coach, I have put together some amazing programs for you so you can be helped in no time and with minimum effort!

Just put worries away for a moment and let’s beat cravings as a team! Want to jump in?

Learn how you can start living a cravings free lifestyle with my tailor-made programs!



It’s time to kiss goodbye to your sugar cravings! This is a personalized program that will show you how to take your power back from food. Improve your health concerns fast with my step-by-step method learning my personalized nutrition and lifestyle hacks to transform your life and change your relationship with food, despite having no time or motivation. Guaranteed to overcome your emotional cravings and improve your wellbeing fast and permanently!

If you are a busy working professional looking to overcome emotional stress eating, lose weight, increase your energy, or reduce stress, this is the perfect solution for you!

Get Over Emotional Eating Group Program


A healthy group journey for business professionals who want to stop overeating.

At last, a dynamic group coaching program to learn simple healthy eating and lifestyle hacks & get more motivation within a great group, even though you lack time and willpower, to win the battle against emotional eating in only 6 weeks. Guaranteed  (6 sessions group coaching package from the comfort of your home)

21 days sugar cleanse program


Finally, get a done-for-you program that nourishes and cleanses your body, mind and soul, even though you don’t have time to look after yourself. Get a new-found energy and feel fabulous in your own body in just 21-days. Guaranteed!

With the 21-day Transformational Nutrition Cleanse there is no fasting, no juice diets, no starvation diets and, best of all, no unpleasant side effects.  Each one is designed to support the body’s natural detoxification process by nourishing it so that it can do its job more efficiently and effectively.

Beat Emotional Eating Mini Course


I am sure you have noticed, the more overwhelmed you are, the more cravings you get, leading to a vicious cycle of overeating, full of shame and guilt. It affects your life, your business, and your health. Most approaches are just proposing meal plans or impossible to follow recipes that nobody has time to prepare or cannot sustain long-term.

So-called “diets” don’t take emotional health or spirituality into consideration. Other health care providers don’t look at root causes such as gut or hormonal issues. This course will help you identify and take action on your emotional cravings, making you develop new eating habits and maintain a tailor-made meal plan.

10-Day Forever Sexy Weight Program

Go through a 10-day journey toward a life without emotional eating!

Get a step-by-step plan to get rid of toxins, lose weight, feel better, gain more energy and stop overeating in 10 days!

You have fought your weight your whole life and I want to help YOU achieve the best version of yourself. Not only help you look good but strong and healthy!

Inside my 10-Day Sexy Weight Program, you’ll find effective tools, recipes, food lists, and more to help you detoxify in a safe way and lose those annoying extra pounds!

Easy to follow and safe! Turn back the clock in 10 days to regain the weight and energy you once had

Not sure how to start?

Discover how you can transform your world and finally overcome emotional eating with better nutrition and lifestyle changes by taking a free 15 minutes discovery session, at any time without any cost!