My biggest concern is your concern…

Hello there, I hear you! You have no time or motivation to eat or live healthier but you want to have more energy and stop feeling overwhelmed all the time. You’re fed up being often sick and not being able to think straight or get rid of your brain fog. Your weight may have increased and you developed various chronic diseases or pains. You had enough. You’re worried about your health and anxious about your future. You need urgently to be healthier as you want to be successful at your job, lose weight and do what you love doing. Sounds familiar? Go on to read more.

I’ve got news for you, you can change and achieve your dreams!

Check out my programs and see what’s right for you. I work with the 80/20 principle, where you put 20% effort and get 80% results. I help you overcome cravings and instill healthy habits with a breeze. Together we can work to repair your gut, look at the root cause of your health or weight issues and help with emotional eating and self-care. My programs are tailor-made to suit your health and personal situation, it’s called personalized nutrition.

Your dream is perhaps to finally get a better job or have your own company, to make more money or buy your house. You want to work less, travel more and have more free time to spend with your family and friends. It is possible once you have overcome the blockages to the wellbeing you deserve.

I’ve been there too…

I understand how you feel and I’m glad you’re here because I know I can help you. How? I have been there myself. I’ve been stressed all the time due to a really demanding job and own business, having kids and running a busy life. I developed various digestive issues, extreme fatigue and no energy, had often migraines, hormonal issues and just didn’t realize that my health was deteriorating. Once I started living a balanced, organized lifestyle and eating the right food, my energy, my health and my life improved and that’s why I want to pass on this knowledge to you. Using my condensed knowledge from studying as a transformational nutrition coach, digestive health and functional nutrition expert, and corporate wellness and high performance coach, I have put together some amazing programs for you so you can be helped in no time and with minimum effort.

Just put worries away for a moment and let’s be a SUCCESSFUL team! Want to jump in?

Join my wellness team NOW to know more!

Body nourish kick-starter


Improve your health concerns fast with my step-by-step method learning my personalized nutrition and lifestyle hacks to nourish your body and transform your life, despite having no time or motivation. Guaranteed to improve your wellbeing fast and permanently!

If you are a busy working professional looking to achieve better work life balance, lose weight, increase your energy, improve chronic diseases and pain or reduce stress, this is the perfect solution for you!

I will show you how 20% effort will get 80% results to nourish your life, get the cloth size you want and take control of your health with this practical and personalized nutrition coaching program adapted to your needs and schedule, positive results guaranteed!

What you’ll get

  • 1:1 personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching with me with additional email support

  • In-depth investigation of health and personal history including underlying root causes.

  • Establish goals and motivation.

  • Develop together a personalized 80/20 plan adapted to your needs and situation around healthy eating, lifestyle, mindfulness, emotional wellbeing and spirituality.

  • Work step by step towards goals, with my transformational coaching methods

  • Get my knowledge condensed into bite-sized done-for-you protocols, cheat sheets, handouts, lists, eating plans and so much more

  • Be motivated, implement simple habits and be held accountable to improve most pressing health concerns fast.

  • I will hold your hand and kick your butt.

BHF (Best health friends) Program


6-week health journey to transform your mind, your spirit and learn how healthy eating choices can transform your life!

At last, a dynamic group coaching program to learn simple healthy eating and lifestyle hacks & get more motivation within a great group, even though you lack time and willpower, to win at life again in only 6 weeks. Guaranteed  (6 sessions group coaching package from the comfort of your home)

What’s BHF?

  • A group of like-minded going on a health journey. Minimum 3 people, maximum 10

  • 6 online sessions of 60 minutes

  • Plenty of cheat sheets, work books and done-for-you protocols

  • Access to my private FB group (only for this group) to discuss, share wins, ask questions and get your daily motivation.

This six-week group coaching program will take you through everything you need to know to transform your mind, your spirit and how healthy eating choices can transform your life!

This could be you:

  • You get incredibly productive, energetic and active, no more brain fog, sleepless nights and constant fatigue
  • You are finally able to achieve your goals and become better organized in your work and life
  • Your health will improve, probably your doctor will not understand why but finally allow you to get off your chronic disease meds
  • You finally feel free of guilt and shame (or other emotions preventing you from reaching your full potential
  • You drop weight as a byproduct of finally healing your gut or having found the food or toxins that harmed you

There are no limitations to what this could mean for you

21 days cleanse program


Finally, get a done-for-you program that nourishes and cleanses your body, mind and soul, even though you don’t have time to look after yourself. Get a new-found energy and feel fabulous in your own body in just 21-days. Guaranteed!

With the 21-day Transformational Nutrition Cleanse there is no fasting, no juice diets, no starvation diets and, best of all, no unpleasant side effects.  Each one is designed to support the body’s natural detoxification process by nourishing it so that it can do its job more efficiently and effectively.


  • Transformational Nutrition Cleanse Step-by-Step Program Guide

  • Transformational Nutrition Cleanse 21-day Done-For-You Meal Plan

  • Transformational Nutrition Cleanse Recipes


  • Transformational nutrition cleanse 3-week shopping list

  • Eating out guide

  • Travel guide

  • Shopping Guide

  • Sugar in disguise

  • Gluten in disguise

  • and so much more

Optionally, you can get 3 personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching sessions with me (45 minutes each) and additional email support during the 21-day transformational nutrition cleanse.

Not sure how to start?

Discover how you can transform your world with better nutrition and lifestyle changes by taking a free 15 minutes discovery session, at anytime without any cost!

This is for you…

If you are a busy working professional looking to achieve better work life balance, lose weight, increase your energy, improve chronic diseases and pain or reduce stress, even though you have no time or motivation!

Have you been dealing with these issues over and over again?

  • Stress

  • Poor lifestyle and eating habits

  • Time management

  • Fatigue & sleeping issues

  • Gut Health

  • Chronic diseases

  • Hormonal issues

  • Toxins and food intolerance

  • Eating disorders & emotional eating

  • Weight issues

  • Emotional imbalances

  • Spirituality (Mindfulness & Self-care)