Happy New Year!

Say it to yourself: “I will have a happy new year”

Let this be your mantra to start this year!

In this blog, let’s talk about the power of mindset and how to meal plan successfully.

Both together are your sure bet to permanently overcome cravings and weight struggles.

Are you often hit by self sabotage, listen to your own negative chit-chat or taken aback by your own self-limitations?

Have you been wanting to do something or drop some weight but often held back with the thought “I can’t do it” even before getting started?

I totally understand that!

Let me help you overcome that hurdle by harnessing the power of mindset through these simple tips:

  1. Start with a growth mindset. Repeat positive words and stop negative self-talk. Make this a daily habit, your subconscious will eventually pick up on it.
  2. Begin accepting change and keep your focus on growth. Understand that change can be good. Examine both the negative and positive impacts of change. Awareness makes it less frightening and helps to achieve change.
  3. Be in love with the process of growing. It’s a journey, not a marathon. Enjoy the ride!
  4. Learning and adapting to something new can be a daunting task and seeing it as “failure” can be discouraging. Instead, see it as “feedback” and get back into the saddle to try again. Remember every Olympic medalist has tried over and over until they succeed.
  5. Be transparent with your setbacks. Don’t take them personally but be clear about why you had them and let the learnings help you to improve.
  6. Identify what actions you should take to address these challenges.
  7. Say It out loud. Verbalize positive thinking. Say “This is really hard for me. I need to keep working on it.” Or “The challenge is always at the beginning; I must keep going” instead of “I’m not good at this” or “this is not for me.” Make it a habit today.

And while we are at it, let’s also work on championing your wellness by talking about meal planning vs diet.

Meal planning is a flexible process that can support your health goals and will not let you feel trapped or constrained by sticking to a specific food, unlike diet.

Meal planning allows you to prepare for the week ahead and be flexible with your preferences. For example, if you make a Mediterranean salad for lunch, but it’s a rainy day and you want to feel cozy, you can enjoy your soup and save the salad for later.

Be more efficient, waste less, and be relaxed in the weeks ahead by incorporating these meal planning tips:

• Know your pantry and have an inventory.

Plan ahead, check the weather forecast, or if there will be any upcoming celebrations. Check your fridge and pantry, what are the foods that need to be consumed immediately before they go bad, or which pantry staples do you need to replenish? Through this practice, you’ll reduce the possibility of meal cramming which may eventually lead you to fast food meals.

• Understand your and your family’s preferences.

Stop wasting food and money on food items that your family will not even touch. Ask your family in advance, what are they craving for pasta, bread salads? Ask for meal preferences and suggestions then incorporate these into your meal planning.

• Be ready with your spices.

Through this strategy, you’ll be able to modify your meals according to your current taste preference. Let’s say you bought ingredients for a taco night but you suddenly have visitors and you have to stretch your meal, then you can use the same ingredients and switch to a quick vegetable stir-fry by adding some soy sauce, chorizo, and garlic.

Keep in mind that being healthy and prioritizing your wellness is not rocket science, it should not be a hassle because you are doing this for YOU.

And yes, YOU matter.

This year have a healthy start!

Start meal planning today!

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