Food Freedom Foundation Workshop

All day
August 20, 2023

In this Workshop, I am going to teach you:

A step-by-step system to help you lose weight without getting off track, so you can finally feel confident with long-lasting energy to engage in the activities you enjoy.

Here's what you'll learn:

1. Foundational Habits: Learn my easy step-by-step plan for maintaining healthy habits (without thinking), like brushing your teeth.

2. Mindset Shifts: Discover how simple mindset shifts can lead from self-sabotaging behaviors and lingering cravings to sticking to healthy habits even if you are under stress.

3. Step-By-Step Plan: Accelerate your weight loss with my simple (yet effective) hacks and accountability

4. Food Freedom: Get out of the restrictive dieting mode and see what you can do instead (without feeling deprived or overwhelmed)

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