You probably know that old Christmas story about the green, crazy fellow who hates Christmas season. The grinch is that person who avoids the “holiday spirit” and prefers to be alone and stay at home far from annoying noises and heavy crowds. Perhaps you already know one of them (or is it you?).


A grinch may be found in different contexts. Most people would describe this unique character as socially awkward, but in health and wellness, a grinch can be a person who uses food (or other excuses) to escape social crowds.


Grinches tend to avoid company, they don’t like to feel supported and their health is not their priority. Instead of being happy and enjoying family time, they see it as annoying and bothersome. They just prefer staying at home alone, or while in company, eating endless snacks. Now that being said, the big question remains, are you a health grinch during the holiday season? Check out the following typical grinch habits and find out if you’re one of them!

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  1. Holiday time is only good to EAT and EAT MORE!

A health grinch eats mindlessly and it could be detrimental for their health. Let’s be honest, Christmas comes with plenty of dishes. Of course, it’s our job to decide which of these would benefit our health and which not. However, eating mindfully is even more essential. It is extremely important to take 1 or 2 minutes before you grab a bite. Think about the texture, colors and size of your food, this will help you to feel satisfied faster and to eat less.

  1. A health grinch loves to lie on the couch and avoid human company

Instead, this holiday make it all about spending time with others, share happiness with loved ones and spread love. Keep your mind and body busy by doing engaging activities such as family games, movie nights or a picnic! Alternatively, make it a point to give to others who are in need. Giving helps to raise your own happiness and makes you less of a grinch.

  1. Christmas time stands for STRESS

The holiday season tends to be a little stressful sometimes if you are in charge of getting everything ready, buy the presents and cook a family dinner. But hey! There’s no need to panic, just plan well in advance each detail and find “a special assistant” to help you with your holiday chores. You’ll feel better and less stressed.


If any of these habits resonate with you, you’re probably a health grinch! But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you’re always going to be one. Try small lifestyle changes to boost your wellbeing and you’ll see that the holiday season is not that bad after all! Happy holidays!


Download your FREE Holiday meal plan!