What Keeps you Stuck from Being Your Best Self?

Do you know for certain what really keeps you stuck when it comes to trying to break the cycle of emotional eating & yo-yo dieting?

Are you usually just blaming it on lack of willpower & self-discipline?

I can tell you with certainty that it GOES SO MUCH DEEPER than that.

And the truth is until you get really clear on WHY you keep repeating the same behavior patterns over and over again, weight loss that stays off will always feel elusive. Even though you want to stop the weight loss and dieting madness SO badly.

What I have discovered in my coaching practice, is that most people have a negative relationship with themselves and they use food to feed their negative and uncomfortable emotions. They believe that food will give them pleasure but it really keeps them in the pain.

It’s their inner belief system and their own inner messaging (old programming) that causes them to sabotage their own efforts time after time.

That message could sound like:

  • I don’t believe I can lose weight
  • It’s not worth the effort
  • I can make up for it tomorrow
  • I’ll eat it now and worry about it later
  • It will make me feel better
  • I deserve it…..

None of these are true.

Just recently I asked some of the women in my group program what beliefs or inner messaging changed for them over the last 6 months we have been working together.

This is just some of what they shared:

“What came up often was realizing that I matter, and what I want and need matters. I never gave much thought to the self-love aspect before.”

“My belief that I was so weak with food and powerless and the belief that if I didn’t feel stuffed and exploding, I could continue to eat.”

“My negative/self-destructive relationship with food – I no longer have this!”

“Asking myself, Am I Hungry? seriously… the prevailing thought in the past was just “I want that.”

These women who went through the program are down 15-40 lbs without being on a diet. They are learning how to change their programming and adapt a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle so that the weight stays off for good.

What holds you back from losing weight and in the perpetual struggle with food and dieting? Do you know??

I had given an assignment to my group that I am going to share with you here.

If you are up for it, answer the questions below. Or just do the work and every day, stay connected to what you wrote.


As humans, everything we do is to avoid pain and seek pleasure. When it comes to weight loss and emotional eating, here is an exercise to help you break your old patterns and change your behaviors around food and eating.

The Pain

Write down the pain that emotional eating, yo-yo dieting, and/or your current weight is causing you.

Associate immense pain to NOT changing.

What does the pain cost you physically, emotionally, financially?

Vividly imagine this so it would make you not want to repeat the behavior or pattern again.

The Pleasure

Write down the pleasure you will get from losing the weight and maintaining the loss.

Associate IMMENSE pleasure to creating and maintaining this change.

How will you feel? How would your life change?

Make a list of 10 ways your life would change.

Here’s to you getting the freedom you deserve from food, weight, and dieting!

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