Weight loss does not have to be difficult and boring.

Many people lose significant weight as a result of simply tweaking their diet and making very small changes to their routine. 

You don’t have to starve.

You don’t even have to spend all your time on the treadmill or in the gym.

You just need to plan and implement new habits.

And you need to know some insider tips on how to lose weight without restriction.

Here are 5 weight loss hacks if you love food.

Keep your portions in check:

You do not have to go on a weight loss journey and eliminate all foods that you enjoy. Take little steps and slowly reduce your portion size.

Instead of buying the biggest chocolate bar. When you feel you are craving chocolate, buy the smallest one instead. Those cravings are often satisfied by just a few bites. If you buy the larger size, you may feel obligated to finish it which later you will regret. 

Choose smaller food portions when you go out to eat. The key is to take less at the beginning, see if the smaller amount satisfies you, and then get more if you still feel hungry. Keep in mind that your body needs almost 20 minutes to recognize that it is full. 

Stay hydrated with water, green tea, and kombucha:

Water is the elixir of life. Increasing your water intake will not only curb your hunger but will improve your skin’s appearance and increase your energy. Drinking water will also help you burn more calories and will help detoxify your body. 

Drinking green tea and kombucha daily will also boost your metabolic system, making you burn calories at a faster rate. Drink tea twice a day after your meals. 

There are tons of fun ways to upgrade your kombucha. Check out my recipe here for tons of ways to make kombucha more exciting.

Make sure your diet is high in fiber:

Foods that are high in fiber are generally higher in fiber, so they tend to be low in calories. Fiber also keeps you full, curbs hunger pangs, and keeps your calorie intake in check.

Foods that contain a high amount of fiber are beans, lentils, rice (both brown and white), items listed as “whole grain” on their label, and nuts like almonds, pecans, and walnuts. Other good options are porridge, bran-based cereals, oats, and apples. 

Eat foods with high water content: 

Adding foods with high water content, like watermelon, zucchini, strawberries, cucumber, broccoli, yogurt, cantaloupe, and fish, will help your stomach feel full and stave off cravings.

Eat slowly

In addition, family dinners allow you to eat slower, which is so important. The rate at which you eat substantially impacts how much weight you lose. 

Yes, sometimes you have time only to grab a quick snack, but remember that fast food is linked with an increased body mass index (6). 

When eating too fast, your brain lacks time to signal you that it is full. If you take your time and eat at a slower pace, you shall notice that you consume fewer calories which is definite a plus. You’ll also come to enjoy the taste, flavor, and texture of your meals. This is why eating healthy is your best choice if you love food.

Exercise mindful eating

Weight loss, as well as some food-related behaviors like emotional eating or binge eating, are supported by the practice of mindful eating

Here are some principles for eating mindfully:

      • Eat your meal with full attention and enjoy the experience.
      • Eat only to get your physical needs met. Determine whether your cravings are actually due to hunger, thirst, or boredom. 
      • Eat foods that are nutritious and healthy.
      • Be aware of the signals your body sends to you, and eat until you’re full. 

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For food lovers, weight loss is not easy.

Fortunately, it is still possible if you put into practice the tips provided in this article.

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