The Basics of Fasting

Fasting to loose weight can be a beneficial method to try. We know that losing weight is hard to do. And though fasting may seem like a drastic measure to take, as we’ve detailed beforehand in our intermittent fasting guide, it can be done if done right.

I have encountered that question often in my quest to help people with weight loss and emotional eating.

From my experience, these are four things you need to remember to ensure a safe and efficient fasting that helps you lose weight faster.

Keep yourself hydrated

A basic step, but one that people sometimes forget. Drinking lots of water as well as detoxifying herbal teas, can help you thrive during a fast, as water tends to be more essential for your body to function versus food.

Remember to not let yourself get dehydrated while you fast; you need the water to help your body with your weight loss, as well as to wash away any toxins and other substances that might’ve entered your body by not eating correctly. Water is your friend when you are fasting.

Get enough sleep

Another thing that helps with the weight loss is quality sleep. Deep sleep helps keep you balanced even with the decrease of food in your system.

Following this in your fasting can also reduce the amount of cravings you have to keep at bay, so make sure that you get at least eight hours of sleep every night.

Sleepy Time

A rested body is a healthy body!


In normal fasting situations, you can try doing different kinds of exercises that keep your heartbeat up and burn more of your calories. You can start with traditional exercises like sit-ups and push-ups, but as you get more and more proficient, you can look into more advanced exercises like planks and burpees to get your blood pumping, even as you are fasting.

Cardio can be an important part of fasting, as it gives you the strength to keep doing your normal daily tasks while getting the blood flowing and lessening your body’s weight with sweat. However we recommend not to overdo it during a fast, and if feeling light-headed, opt for yoga or other slower movement.

Stay on Your Healthy Diet

In a weight-loss fast, you need to remember to keep within bounds as prescribed to you by experts, as your health depends on doing it correctly. Too little food and you might get faint or worse; too much food, and your weight loss slows down or stops. The wrong foods, the fast will not have the desired effect of getting rid of toxins that are essential in fat loss.

So it is absolutely vital that you look for a nutrition expert to help guide you through the proper way to lose weight.

At the end of the day, for a fast to be successful, you need to train the inner perseverance in yourself to keep going, to not give up even when it gets hard, to be consistent with your actions and words even in today’s environment and society.

You need somebody to help you succeed in your journey to healthiness. And I can help you with that.

You also need to make sure you follow a safe and effective way of fasting, if you want to get rid of the toxins that have held you back from losing weight.

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As a final note: A fast is only the start of your weight loss journey. There is a holistic approach needed to allow you to permanently become healthy.

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Yours in health and wellness,