Our lives are so stressful that many of us are often tired. Are you one of the people who wake up tired in the morning, have various slumps during the day, especially after lunch; only to be wide awake at night or fall in a comatose sleep the moment your head hits the pillow?


I am fairly confident that almost everybody reading this post had a similar period at some stage in their life and sometimes it lasted much longer than they were expecting. I can tell you that I had years of constant fatigue, at times due to a low immune system after a viral or bacterial infection, during times of extreme stress and sometimes just like that without any apparent reason. How about you?


Words like chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, psychologic disorders, hormonal imbalance, stress disorders are being thrown around but the underlying causes of fatigue are often misdiagnosed, left untreated, misunderstood and often lead to very unhappy lives and secondary conditions, if not properly addressed.


Here are some common causes and advice on how to address fatigue in general.


Possible causes for Fatigue

If you are tired of being tired, you may want to check out if you recognize any of the following conditions:


  • Digestive disorders
  • Intolerance and Allergies
  • Toxicity (environmental, food, mold)
  • Candida (yeast infection)
  • Viral illnesses such as EBV (which can lead to Mono)
  • Lyme disease
  • Low blood pressure
  • Low blood sugar/irregularity
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Thyroid issues
  • Vitamin D (exposure to sunlight) deficiency
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Depression, anxiety or other psychological disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Excessive use of alcohol, smoking, refined food, sugar, drugs.
  • Being excessively overweight or underweight


Tips to improve fatigue


Nutrition and Supplements

Once any directly underlying causes are eliminated or treated through a healthcare practitioner, you can achieve great results starting with a cleanse diet to reset the digestion and remove toxins from your body. Our 21 days transformational nutrition cleanse is a great way to start and get back your energy. Find out more here

From there a nutrient rich diet with plenty of vitamin A, C, E, zinc and selenium rich foods to boost the immune system or a multivitamin including these, is recommended. Add a vitamin B complex and coenzyme Q10 for more energy and to further boost your immune system. Folic acid, zinc, iron, vitamin C, and B vitamins are mood stabilizers that support adrenal function. Magnesium helps the body relax and may help with anxiety. Calcium and potassium regulate heartbeat and help the body to relax. Antioxidants provide protection against the effects of stress.

A diet with lots of organic vegetable and fruits, fresh fish (small fish from the sea), complex carbohydrates, pulses, grains, seeds, nuts and healthy oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil

Good quality fish oil, hemp seed oil and primrose oil will supplement necessary levels of EFA (essential fatty acids)

Probiotics support your gut and improve digestion (have one with at least 6 strains and over 20 billion organisms)

Avoid or limit alcohol, smoking, sugar, refined carbohydrates,

Additional supplements which may be beneficial are GABA, L-Tyrosine (also for sleeping), Complex Amino Acids, Lecithin, Mushroom extracts,

An elimination diet can address any underlying digestive or food intolerance issues. Your nutrition professional will assist you to put one together for you.

You may want to check your hormone levels including Vitamin D.

Ask your medical practitioner to check your blood sugar levels throughout the day, your vitamin and mineral levels and check your immune system for viral and bacterial infections.

Drink lots of water



Some herbs which help with stress, insomnia, fatigue and anxiety


  • Valerian root has tranquilizing properties to help with sleep
  • Catnip leaf has calming effects
  • Gotu kola leaf may be used for mental stress
  • Licorice root is a soothing anti-inflammatory that may be beneficial during periods of stress
  • Melatonin has relaxing properties and may help with sleep
  • Kava kava has relaxing properties and may help with anxiety
  • Passionflower is used for nervous tension, sleep disorders, and anxiety
  • Lemon balm may be used to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Chamomile has relaxing effects
  • Essential oils such as lavender, frankincense, rose, and vanilla have mood boosting and relaxing effects


Lifestyle habits that help to combat Fatigue


  • Minimum of 15 minutes a day of exercise (it doesn’t have to be an all out gym session, it can be something you enjoy, a walk, a run, dance, jump on a trampoline, play a game)
  • Yoga
  • Detoxing
  • Sex
  • Journaling
  • Planning/Organization
  • Therapy/Counseling/Support
  • Relaxation Methods (Deep breathing, meditation, massage, biofeedback)


What helps you to get more energy? I’d love to hear your best tips and share them with others


By: Andrea Caprio

Holistic Nutrition and Wellness coach

Wellness Methods



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