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“Andrea Caprio offers the best combination of qualities to work with, in my opinion:  She’s extremely organized and efficient, yet offers great flexibility in addressing her clients’ uniquely individual wellness needs.  I consider her a friend, a colleague, and a highly qualified coach.”

Diane L., CTNC, CHHP, July 2017 

“I started seeing a nutrition coach in Cascais, Andrea Caprio. I was taken aback a bit when I first saw the beginning of the diet; a 21 day cleanse which will be up tomorrow. For the 21 day cleanse, I gave up wine, coffee, sweets, bread, and ate lots of chicken, salmon, brown rice and fruits. I am amazed that I have lost eight pounds and now getting accustomed to my new lifestyle, in addition, my nails have grown and I feel so much more healthy. People tell me that my skin looks radiant and I look younger than I am. (always good for a woman to hear!) Also I drink 6 to 8 glasses of water and start my day with hot water with lemon! Thanks, Andrea! 

Annette Ford Rio, August 2018

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“Andrea’s intense 3 month private coaching program was everything I needed! As a new coach I struggled with a lot of mental barriers that were keeping me from launching my business.

Within the first month of working with her I realised that since I was too focused on my limiting beliefs and fears, I hadn’t taken concrete actions so far to get clients. Andrea helped me get out of my head and guided me to take simple and realistic actions that would put my services in front of the eyes of my audience. Within the second month, I had designed and launched my first beta program and fully booked it. By the end of our work together, I had launched my first clients and reached the initial goal we set at the beginning of our collaboration.

Andrea’s coaching style is well balanced as she mixes a straight to the point approach with her empathic and caring personality. Andrea’s never-ending thirst for knowledge (attending many seminars, masterclasses, certifications) in addition to her own experience as a health coach (emotional eating specialist) provide her with all the hands on experience that makes a great business coach. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her!.”

Wafa - (Paris, France) January 2020, Performance & Wellness Coach for Busy Professionals

“Andrea helped me to build some tremendous habits. 1) Adequate hydration 2) Sleep improvements 3) Mindful eating 4) Improved nutritional choices 5) long term goals”

Paul - May 2020

“Andrea is amazing! After years of struggling with diets, she helped me concentrate on making a lifestyle change instead.”

Anonymous - March 2020

“Great program, Andrea is very organized, detailed oriented, knowledgeable, friendly, kind, understanding, professional, and responsive. I started getting results in one week of starting after a thorough assessment and my implementation from what I was told to do.”

Angela T. - May 2020

“Andrea Caprio has a wealth of knowledge, resources and information that she supplies to you to be successful in whatever your journey may be! Best decision I ever made!! You will not be disappointed……

This customer rated you highly for work quality, professionalism, and responsiveness.”

Tina M. - May 2020

“Andrea was so easy to talk to and extremely informative! She knows a lot about how different hormonal issues and autoimmune diseases impact our bodies and I appreciated the time she took to really understand my issues and explain options!

If you’re looking to make some life changes and need help and guidance then reach out to Andrea right away!”

Kelly B. - March 2020

“Andrea is amazing at picking up pain points that you need to focus on to get the best bang for your buck in terms of switching over to a healthier lifestyle. After filling up a health assessment, she had pointed out patterns and behaviors of mine that even I didn’t realize and helped me not only in being more aware of it but also taking steps that will slowly tackle your worst cravings until they’re gone. As my sessions increased so did the implementation of healthier food swaps. It’s a gradual increase, for which, Andrea has an excellent sense for. If you are willing to be committed to your goals, she is the perfect person to take along in your journey to a healthier life.

This customer rated you highly for work quality, professionalism, and punctuality.”

Dharmik D. - March 2020

“This is one of the best experiences I have had out of all the nutritionists I have met up with so far. I really appreciated that time she gave me to explain my situations, and has went into a deeper level in terms of what my goals are; both long term and short term. No one has ever asked me to put things into perspective like she did (with just our first conversation). She is very knowledgeable in her craft and I can tell she really cares about her clients’ success. I do see myself working with her in the future. And I believe she is able to provide all the tools from a physical and mental aspect to achieve all the goals that I am trying to achieve. She is very professional and I can tell she is very patient (because I talk a lot and asked a lot of questions lol). She is certainly great.

This customer rated you highly for professionalism, responsiveness, work quality, and value.”

Zully B. - January 2020

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“In just a few sessions, Andrea was able to pin point some of the root causes of my fatigue and frequent stomach problems! Her patience and willingness to find ad-hoc solutions tailored to your exact needs make her one of the most trustworthy and respected health professionals in South Florida. Highly recommended!!”

Catarina Testimonial Wellness Methods

“Andrea’s work has a wealth of hands on, practical solutions for anyone struggling with bettering their health in the midst of hectic day to day living. You will get support, accountability, handholding… and a lot of care to see you through your health transformation.”

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“Andrea provides simple techniques for busy people to follow healthier habits.  She is an expert in stress, fatigue, chronic and digestive issues and emotional eating. I will highly recommend working with Andrea.”

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“I like myself more now.

You evolved with me in terms of recognizing what I needed”

Jason P. (Audio Testimonial 29/09/10)

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“Andrea has the radiant positivity that is just infectious. I’m not your health obsessed diet whatever person, which Andrea understood and took into account in her plan. What I also appreciated was the fact that we worked through the issues together. I am now living a healthier lifestyle one small change at a time and motivated to get even better at this with Andrea’s helpful coaching. Thanks!”

Jessica G. - July 2016

“This was the first time I attended a wellness seminar but I must say it was very informative.  The setting was intimate and conducive to informal “sharing of ideas” rather than a boring lesson on what not to eat, etc.  I also particularly liked the samples of anti-inflammatory foods after the session.  They demonstrated that healthy eating can be creative and yummy. Based on the seminar, I know that I have made some good nutritional decisions but still have a way to go.  Even so, this session was a step in the right direction for me and I’m sure others will find Andrea’s knowledge helpful as well.”

Tina W. - August 2016

“I attended one of Andrea’s recent seminars on inflammation. I thought she was very well prepared and had a strong comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Andrea has a friendly manner that keeps people engaged. She has a way of getting everyone to participate, ask questions, and learn.”

Steven M. - July 2016

“Andrea is wonderful! With her guidance, my husband and I are living a healthier lifestyle. She is knowledgeable, dedicated, and kind. She genuinely cares for her clients and wants them to be healthier!”

Clarice K. - December 2016

“Andrea is fantastic. She definitely cares about the people she works with and does her best to come up with solutions that fit them. She is thoroughly dedicated to her clients and I know she is going to help me improve my lifestyle and become a much healthier person.”

Neil K. - December 2016

“Andrea is fantastic. She definitely cares about the people she works with and does her best to come up with solutions that fit them. She is thoroughly dedicated to her clients and I know she is going to help me improve my lifestyle and become a much healthier person.”

Neil K. - December 2016

“Thank you to send me the links. As you uniquely have very positive vibes, your words sat down on my mind and really want to do all you recommended me. I will follow up with you for sure.”

Sanaz R. - March 2017

“Excellent experience, great person, amazing results! I do recommend Andrea to anyone looking for an expert not only in nutrition, but also on how to help you to implement healthy changes in your life style”

Paolo R. - April 2017

“You have a special way about you that I noticed that makes even me open up to you, and it is rare that I open up to people in more than a friendly, social way, but you had me opening up to you emotionally as well which, I think, is the sign of a GREAT coach who wants to get to know her clients well so she can help them better; so thank you!! I came home, and already began to eat healthier (not completely yet until I can budget to buy some better groceries, but as healthy as possible with the food I have at home).  SOON, first part of April, I intend to only BUY healthy food. Thank you for providing me the name of the mediation app you use as I am definitely going to install that on my phone!”

Stacy S. - March 2017

“Thanks for a great session yesterday! It was very motivating and now I have direction on what to do!!”

Niketa R. - July 2017

“Andrea is such a happy positive person and cares so much about giving the best guidance to her clients. Sometimes, taking control of our health is not an easy task and could be quite a challenge. Her holistic knowledge and great attitude motivated me to find the right choices to live a better and healthy life. Thank so much Andrea! 

Before meeting with Andrea, I filled out her questionnaire. Once we had our session she had already reviewed the information and was prepared to ask some follow-up questions and provide suggestions to improve my menu but also to follow up with my doctor.

She also provided excellent resources for me to still enjoy my favorite foods but with a healthy twist. I didn’t feel judged but understood and comfortable sharing my concerns with her. The session was an eye-opening experience, which I am grateful to have had with her. I highly recommend Andrea to anyone thinking about incorporating a healthier lifestyle.

Sonia A. Cerezo - September 2017, CPCC

“I came to Andrea after nothing I was doing on my own was working, and I’m very happy I did. During our sessions there was never any judgement, only her asking the most relevant and helpful questions and immediately having a solution. Making big lifestyle changes is very difficult, but after speaking with her I feel more equipped to change both my lifestyle and mindset to better improve my health! She was also very timely in her responses, even living halfway across the world.”

Kallan Swenson - December 2017

“Last day of my 21-day cleanse was yesterday and I feel great!
My goal was to see what causes my stomach pain and hopefully see if it improves and it has! My skin got really clean and nice, especially in the face.

Best side effects: lost 2,5kg and 3,5 cm in waist!!

I will definetly continue to eat that way. Thanks Andrea Caprio for your inspiration and your work!”

Patricia Bohlen - March 2018

“Andrea is fantastic and friendly person.She is knowledgeable,dedicated and kind.She is positive , patient, motivates and not judge mental.She takes care of her clients and wants them to be healthier.”

Pami SH. - March 2018

“I recently completed the 5 day mini detox challenge, (winning the prize, the full 21 day nutritional cleanse) I have failed with all diets/detoxes etc previously as I have very little will power and often felt too hungry on them.
Andrea’s methods are totally different! Extremely healthy but with everyday foods I already like. She is so knowledgable and non judgemental, I felt really comfortable with her.

Results of the 5 day mini detox – 5lb weight loss, 3 inches off my waist. But what was most important to me was the improvement in my health, I have fibromyalgia. I wasn’t as fatigued, had more energy and my pain levels were lower. After just five days!

I also had a 1:1 coaching session with Andrea that was really insightful. After years of trying to discover how my fibro started she helped me pinpoint it within 30 minutes!

I could say much more about Andrea and her Wellness Methods but I’ll leave it there for now. 😊”

Jo Saxton - February 2018

“I recently had a session with Andrea and I was amazed at the transformation I am feeling. Andrea was very compassionate as she took me through the Transformational Trauma Technique. My diving deeper into these issues, I know I will be able to release them and move into more happiness. I loved how Andrea was professional and kind at the same time. Her knowledge of holistic health is very extensive. I know when she coaches me, I am getting the right information! Andrea is an amazing coach!”

Meshaelle Pate - April 2018

“Andrea Caprio was recommended by a friend and it was fantastic attending eight sessions at her consulting room. I really apreciated her help and her advices what concerns a more weahlty life style, her psicological empathy and capacity to feel what was going on and her awareness and consciousness in general. She made me change my nutrition comportement and see clearer what I consume”

Wolfram Hirth - December 2018, CPCC

“My experience with Andrea was only positive. I have been battling weight issues for over 20 years. I know where it stemmed from or at least I thought. In working with her we were able to go deep into what was my real issue and struggle with weight loss. It is more than just food. I had a realization I never imagined with her and can look at things with a different light. I have a new pair of lens on in regards to how I look at things. I still have some work to do, but I would not have made such a huge leap without her help. I learned different forms of self love and how to look at food differently. I appreciate it and highly recommend her.

Thank you, Andrea!”

Martha O. - August 2018