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Success Stories


Manager with stress, fatigue, anxiety and digestive issues

One of my clients, a manager in a high level job in a large corporate came to see me as he had a lot of stress in his work. As a result, he had severe digestive issues, he could not cope with the high demands anymore as he was constantly exhausted and was suffering from anxiety as he felt inadequate. He also wanted to become fitter and lose a few pounds. When looking at his health history, I discovered there were issues of abandonment and abuse and family history of cancer. He had also several health issues during his youth and was addicted to chronic medication.

His goals were to improve his digestive issues and pain related to it, improve his energy and decrease stress. He was committed but liked to party. We agreed on working on his digestive issues first and he started with a 21-day transformational nutrition cleanse combined with 1:1 coaching sessions to help him with implementing simple new habits and providing accountability for him so he can follow through.

He was taking well to and following the 21-day program and after a few days, his energy improved considerably and he lost 6 pounds within 2 weeks. We implemented a mindfulness program starting slowly to implement meditation and regular exercising. Though he decided to skip from time to time the program, he limited alcohol consumption and followed mostly a healthier routine. His digestive system started working better and his pain stopped after a few week working with me.

I have recently spoken to him and he continues eating healthy and following mostly a more present and balanced lifestyle and feels overall much better, positive and productive.

Executive with high cholesterol, high glucose levels and overweight

Paolo came to see me after he has gotten his test results from his doctor showing high cholesterol and high glucose levels. He was overweight, had digestive issues and fatigue. The results concerned him as he is working in a high demand job, has a young child and wants to make sure he is healthy.

Paolo is probably my most compliant client and during the 1:1 online coaching sessions. we worked out a schedule to incorporate his frequent travels while on an inflammation lowering diet with healthy meal options while at home and while travelling. We also implemented an exercise routine he could keep up with and did not need to go to the gym. Furthermore, I taught him several mindfulness techniques to cope better with stress and improve sleep.

Paolo followed my recommendations strictly and improved his cholesterol and glucose levels and lost 26 pound within a few weeks working with me. He could lower his chronic illness medication and was set to stop them altogether as his health has returned to normal. Consequently, his digestive issues improved too and he became so much more energetic.

70-year-old women, diabetic, high cholesterol, arthritis pain, overweight, sleeps only 4 hours

Rose is one of my star clients and I was so impressed how she incorporated my approach after spending her whole life eating unhealthy food due to her cultural upbringing.

As a result from eating all her life a diet high in carbs, processed foods with unhealthy fats and little nutrients, her body showed serious signs of aging und disease. She had several chronic diseases and came with 2 bags of chronic medication which she had to take regularly. She was visibly in pain and discomfort, extremely stressed and burnt out.

During our group coaching sessions, I suggested to change her diet to a nutritious way of eating with plenty of veggies, healthy fats and protein to stabilize and improve her blood sugar. Her doctor had told her to eat lots of sugar and carbs to keep the blood sugar from crashing (How shocking!). She also went walking regularly and started to follow mindfulness and self-caring practices. Within 2 weeks she could discontinue some of her medicine. Further down her cholesterol tests came back as normal, she lost weight, her pain in her hands disappeared almost magically and she slept 8 hours. I must say, I was even taken away with the fast success I saw. To this day, she is doing well continuing to eat healthy, she just has embraced this new way of life so much. She even walked taller and smiled a lot.


“Thank you to send me the links. As you uniquely have very positive vibes, your words sat down on my mind and really want to do all you recommended me. I will follow up with you for sure.”

Sanaz R. March 2017

“You have a special way about you that I noticed that makes even me open up to you, and it is rare that I open up to people in more than a friendly, social way, but you had me opening up to you emotionally as well which, I think, is the sign of a GREAT coach (…)”

Stacy S., March 2017



“Andrea Caprio offers the best combination of qualities to work with, in my opinion:  She’s extremely organized and efficient, yet offers great flexibility in addressing her clients’ uniquely individual wellness needs.  I consider her a friend, a colleague, and a highly qualified coach.”

Diane L., CTNC, CHHP, July 2017 

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“Andrea is fantastic. She definitely cares about the people she works with and does her best to come up with solutions that fit them. She is thoroughly dedicated to her clients and I know she is going to help me improve my lifestyle and become a much healthier person.”

Neil K. December 2016

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“Andrea is wonderful! With her guidance, my husband and I are living a healthier lifestyle. She is knowledgeable, dedicated, and kind. She genuinely cares for her clients and wants them to be healthier!”

Clarice K. December 2016

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“I attended one of Andrea’s recent seminars on inflammation. I thought she was very well prepared and had a strong comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Andrea has a friendly manner that keeps people engaged. She has a way of getting everyone to participate, ask questions, and learn.”

Steven M. July 2016

“Excellent experience, great person, amazing results! I do recommend Andrea to anyone looking for an expert not only in nutrition, but also on how to help you to implement healthy changes in your life style”    

Paolo R., April 2017

 “In just a few sessions, Andrea was able to pin point some of the root causes of my fatigue and frequent stomach problems! Her patience and willingness to find ad-hoc solutions tailored to your exact needs make her one of the most trustworthy and respected health professionals in South Florida. Highly recommended!!”

Pierre G. July 2016

“Andrea is a skilled coach when it comes to making tremendous shifts in one’s health.  Her easy to implement strategies, ongoing support and coaching technique will give you all you need to reach your health goals…and then some!”

Bree R.

“Andrea’s work has a wealth of hands on, practical solutions for anyone struggling with bettering their health in the midst of hectic day to day living. You will get support, accountability, handholding… and a lot of care to see you through your health transformation.”

Catarina C.