Tis the season to be happy!

But with the ongoing and upcoming back to back diet-busting parties and the lingering scare brought on by the pandemic, it’s understandable how easy it is to feel a little off during the festive season.

Don’t worry! Let me share with you a few things that I do to keep my sanity intact.

Every once in a while, we need to have a truly holistic mind AND body cleansing.

To do so, we can start our sensory cleanse and detox with our five senses:


Minimize screen time (phone, laptops or tv), dim the lights especially after sunset, avoid as much violent images or the news (yes, the news).

Spend more time on gazing at the sky, observing nature (trees, birds), looking outside and appreciating nature or watching a feel-good movie.

(Sharing with you my neighborhood during one of my walks – what a relaxing sight!)


To relieve stress, my default scent is the lemon essential oil and jasmine (some say, it eases depression). Some also suggests, the sweet and spicy scent of cinnamons helps sharpen mind and citrus can help you feel more energized.

(I wish I could share with you how amazingly the scent of autumn makes me happy. This is how one of my weekend walks on the wall of Lucca looks like)


Try to avoid or limit loud people or places, try to listen to soothing or calming sounds. There are times when you just have to sit by the window, put your phone in silent mode, turn off any external noise and just listen to your breath or nature.


Especially now that we are mostly at home. Go and appreciate the feeling of lightness by reducing the tight clothing or rough fabrics on the skin; rather opt for comforting and soft textures. Also a warm relaxing soak in the bathtub can really work wonders.

A research suggests that petting your cats or dogs with a purpose may help increase the release of feel-good hormones in animals and humans.

“Your touch relaxes the animal and releases feel-good endorphins in you, reducing your heart rate.” Says Arden Moore an animal expert

(I love petting Rocky, it’s really relaxing)


Lastly, your palate needs some detox too! Aside from being mindful about what you are eating (I have an amazing meal plan that can help you with sticking to the right food choices click here.

Treat your palate with new food and explore! You’ll be surprised how amazing and delicious trying out new food can be.

Other than treating your mouth into something new, try singing and reading out loud.

(Loving the poke bowls!)


That’s a hefty list for your sensory detox, you don’t have to do these all at the same time, what I usually recommend, is a combination of two. For example, to relax my eyes and ears, my husband and I would go to the beach and relax.

(a lovely day to walk on the beach with my husband)

Or if during my alone time, I switch off everything for about 15 minutes and just stare at this beautiful sunset and listen to the amazing sounds of nature.

Pay attention to your body and take a few minutes of your day for some sensory detox. This act may reduce anxiety, depression, restlessness and fear. Which may help you enjoy this wonderful time of the year!

If you want more tools to become more mindful and cleanse, check out my FREE TOOLS.