Quick Natural Tips To Keep You Healthy 


A great functioning body will keep your performance at peak level. Healthy nutrition and an active balanced lifestyle help and there are many easy natural ways with which you can stay healthy and strong from within. There are many easy accessible herbs which can be found in your home or in the supermarket that can do wonders when put to use in our daily schedule.

  1. Drink Peppermint Tea

Peppermint is energizing and a refreshing way to boost your internal health. Sipping just a cup of peppermint tea after your lunch will lessen body pain, improve digestion, ease your mind and body, eradicate inflammation, boost your immunity system, help in weight loss and cure bad breath.

  1. Look for Friendly Fungi’s

Cordyceps have been used to treat many diseases in the past like anaemia, kidney disorders, chronic bronchitis, liver disorders, high cholesterol, reduce effects of aging, weakness etc. Studies show that these friendly mushrooms work miracles in improving asthma and respiratory conditions. There are many capsules and solutions of cordyceps available in the market. You can simply follow the directions to use.

  1. Blackberry Root Tincture

The blackberry root consists of tannins which work like astringents on your intestines lining and help you maintain a healthy stomach. You can take the supplement when you are suffering with an upset stomach.

  1. Chew on tasty Fennel

Fennel seeds are tasty and work like mouth fresheners. Besides they are also known to be carminative, something that helps in relieving gas. After every mean chew half a teaspoon of fennel seeds and swallow them.

  1. Honey

The yummy honey has been used for many medicinal purposes. The heavenly yellow tasty liquid may work better than any cough syrup. Always use raw honey. For faster relief a medicinal grade of honey can be used; such as manuka honey of two teaspoons before going to bed will keep the nasty cough at bay.

  1. Eat Broccoli

Including broccoli to your bowl of salad can help in lowering periodontal disease. They are a rich source of calcium and vitamin C and also help in making your gums strong and healthy.

  1. Drink Green Tea

The antioxidants and catechins present in green tea help in increasing the metabolic production of heat in your body and will work wonders if you drink a cup before you work out. You can have green tea either iced or hot.

  1. Oolong Tea

Studies suggest that Oolong tea can help to burn fat, increase mental alertness and also lower cholesterol levels in your body. The polyphenols present in Oolong tea can help reduce the itchiness and other symptoms related to eczema for people who suffer with this disease.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is a wonderful root which can help you to a clear chest and nose. It has volatile oils. An inch of ginger can be boiled with two cups of water for ten minutes and strained after with a pinch of cayenne pepper added to it. This potion is magical and instantly clears a congested chest and blocked nose.

  1. Bite on some Bitters

When eating too much sugar, you can diminish the damage with some bitter veggies like radicchio, olives and endive.


Have a healthy week ahead with these great and simple tips


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By: Andrea Caprio

Holistic Nutrition and Wellness coach

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