Has this year taken a toll on your eating habits and resulted in a few pounds too many?

Between lockdown, work from home, a stressful year with so much negativity, and now on top of it, Halloween, it just is too much.

Our bodies cannot keep up with it anymore.

And with the holiday season right around the corner, you may be scared about starting 2021 with too many pounds on the scale and the need to invest in a new wardrobe.

This week I want to put all those things aside and get everyone back on track.

Let’s talk about PRE HOLIDAY DETOX.

You may be asking why would I want to detox before the holidays?

Well, detoxing before the holiday offer tons of benefits, take a look at the table below:


A detox may be one of the most ancient medical treatments in our history. It mainly focuses on purification or cleansing of the body to begin a healing process.

However, one must be cautious about detoxing efficiently and safely. There are some who would just jump right in and don’t realize that they are leaving free radicals floating around the body and causing more harm than good.

Did you know that an effective detox consists of 3 phases?

I’ll explain them to you personally if you click here:


Now, here are my top 3 tips for a successful pre-holiday detox journey:

  1. Respect your body.

Understand that your body needs to remove those unwanted toxins and your body needs to heal.

  1. Healing takes time.

Cleansing and purification don’t just happen overnight. Give yourself time to heal.

  1. Start with a plan and work with a guide.

A good start is my Detox Starter Pack (Download Here)— Inside you’ll find tips, recipes, and more tools to help you detoxify in a safe way!

A successful detox may be the best gift that you can get yourself this year.

I would love to hear how your pre-holiday detox went.

Let me know in the comments below or let’s connect through my social media or schedule a FREE Consultation with me.