When it comes to losing weight everyone knows the old adage eat less & exercise more. But this isn’t always the case. The truth is you can always lose weight without exercising, but what and how much you eat is the key. But what do we really know about portion size?

Most people tend to underestimate their portion sizes & overestimate their caloric burn from exercise, that lead to weight gain.

What I find is that most people tend to eat with their eyes instead of leading with the hunger in their stomach.

The photo above gives you a good visual of how to calculate portion size. So many people are shocked when they see what a portion really looks like–Its true.

A portion of rice is 1/3 cup, just the head of a light-bulb.

A serving of fat is about 2 tablespoons.

A serving of fruit is measured as 1/2 cup.

Chicken or meat is always measured as a 3oz serving.

In your mind’s eye you automatically assume you will still be hungry if you ate such a small portion.

But the truth is that if you eat your meals mindfully and slowly, it doesn’t take a big quantity of food to make you satiated and no longer hungry.

The portion sizes we get when we eat out have conditioned us to think that we need so much food to be full & satisfied.

The next time you sit down to a meal do conduct a little experiment. Trust me..it’s fun.

Portion out your food. Sit down comfortably at the table without distractions and focus on eating your meal mindfully and slowly. Practice dropping your fork & knife in between bites. Count how many times you chew your food and try increasing it.

When you are done, place your hand on your stomach & you will notice that you no longer feel hunger. Ah..It’s good.

Notice if you are satisfied both physically and mentally as sometimes there is a disconnect between the two.

If you are no longer physically hungry, get up from the table and busy yourself before that voice in your head tries to talk you into eating more & more.

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