Why We Fail Our New Year’s Resolution

We always look forward to a new and better version of ourselves every new year. Hence, we form “New Year’s Resolution”. We often take our time to jot down new things we wanted to change or do in the coming new year. However, sometimes, these resolutions are easier promised than done.

It was predicted last year, that 80%  will fall off the aspiration wagon. And studies have shown that less than 25% of the people stay committed to their resolutions. And this is not a surprise to experts.

Why We Fail Our New Year's Resolution

These low success rates have been linked to different problems. One that was mentioned was the psychology of the word itself – “resolution”.

Committing to our New Year’s Resolutions is not easy due to these factors;

  • Unreasonable resolutions
  • Using the same approach every year
  • Use of the word “resolution”
  • The challenge of self-control
  • No designed plan
  • Unrealistic targets
  • No social support
  • Technology!


Most Common New Year’s Resolutions

Despite this fact – that committing to resolutions are harder than it seems – we still make one each year. And in 2019, a big percentage of people went for a healthier option. These are the people who made exercising and eating healthier their resolution. In fact, the top 5 most common New Year’s Resolutions last 2019 were;

  • Exercise more
  • Eat healthier
  • Save money
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce stress


Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

Generally, the list above shows that a huge number of people chose to live healthier and lose weight. But, despite the passion for it, they still had a hard time. This is because;

  • New Year’s Resolutions are all about what you think you should do, rather than what you want to be doing.
  • Some resolutions are like goals.  The trouble is that goals are often the things that have been put onto us by the self-help industry. And these goals, they rarely work.
  • There’s no motivation or commitment at all.
  • It’s often the wrong timing!

And, it makes the resolution harder if you opt for a healthier version of yourself. This is because there are more factors to consider. If you aim to lose weight, exercise more or eat healthier you have to consider the following;

  • Genes and family history
  • Age and sex
  • Eating habits
  • Physical habits
  • Lifestyle
  • Workplace
  • Environment


How To Not Fail Your New Year’s Resolution

Discussing New Year’s Resolutions that don’t work made me remember Jennifer’s story.

Jennifer has been so excited about the New Year. Finally, a new start!

effects of bad habits and lifestyleAs she came home from her New Year’s Party, she still had her favorite song “Don’t stop me now” in her head. (Hum along as you continue reading) It was a great party, she danced and had so much fun, maybe it was because she drank a little too much.

She didn’t feel that conscious about her extra weight and how she looked.

Jennifer was in a great mood to start the year with a bang but when she got home, she sobered up and felt ridiculous.What was she thinking?

“I am fat, might as well eat!” she says to herself.

And with this, Jennifer heads over to the pantry and puts her teeth into the box of cookies, like she has been doing almost every night this year.

Just today…” she thinks to herself…”I deserve it. Tomorrow I will start this Protein shake weight loss diet that promises to shed 40 pounds in 2 months.

Indeed, she wakes up and starts the diet, gets rid of all the unhealthy food. Drinks the weight loss shakes and lose a few pounds. Until the day that her boss calls her in….

She has not been able to reach her last year’s targets, and he made it clear to her that she must reach them, or… face the consequences. Jennifer knows what that means. She is super upset. Gets home and orders a large pizza, a tub of ice cream and some extra dessert, chocolate and a large soda.

What the heck, tomorrow I can continue with the shakes”, she thinks to herself. Tomorrow and the day after and the day after it’s still the same. Jennifer has fallen off the resolution wagon, again!

Does this sound like something you have heard or experienced yourself in the past?

How many of you have tried the diet approach? A restricted diet that is. Currently googling “best diet” will show results such as ketogenic, vegan or paleo. Next year there will be others.

Most likely, you have tried diet after diet. You lost some and gained some more. In the process, over the years, you lost more and more confidence.

Did you know that 80% will fail their New Year’s resolution

And chances are, that you were one of them reading this. Right?

That’s why I thought to share with you a clear way on how to make 2020 the year where you can be part of the 20%.

Lose weight and keep it off. Stick to your resolution in 2020 and beyond.

The one thing that has worked is to have a SMART goal together with a simple plan.

Put in place sustainable habits in line with your goals that work in your busy life.

  • Eat 2 servings of veggies every day
  • 5 minutes of gym routine 3 times per week
  • Meditate 5 minutes each morning

Another great idea is to give your year a name and then build habits and routines around that.

I will be calling mine “the year of ease”. What will you be calling your 2020? And what is the 1 habit you can start right now and keep doing 365 days?

This is much better than aiming for a 20 pounds weight loss 1200-calories diet. Nobody can safely sustain such a diet for more than a few days before falling off the wagon.

Working with my clients in my coaching programs this year has shown a trend.

  • Get clear about the bigger WHY of the goal
  • PLAN clear steps towards the goal.
  • Building small but CONSISTENT habits.
  • LET GO of the outcome
  • Make it about a permanent LIFESTYLE.

This is when working with my clients, I see the magic happen. This is what Jennifer did earlier this year, when she started working with me in my weight loss program

After failing all those New Year’s resolutions in the past, she finally lost 25 pounds.


Common Mistake in Weight Loss

Like Jennifer, people commonly make mistakes when they are trying to lose weight. Usually, people think that exercising and cutting off some food intake is the key. And, that it’s okay to have cheat days and be passive about emotional underlying issues and stress. Well..they got it all wrong!

Why We Fail Our New Year's Resolution

The list above included just the basic items that you have to consider if living a healthier lifestyle. People commonly make the following mistakes;

  • Focusing on their weight and scale
  • Cutting too many or too few calories
  • Under or over exercising
  • Always going for a low-fat or diet meals
  • Not consuming enough protein
  • Under consuming fiber
  • Having unrealistic expectations
  • Unknowingly in-taking sugar
  • Not tracking what they eat
  • Expecting fast results

In general, health experts and coaches would prefer to tweak and personalize the changes, so it can be easier for you.

I, personally think that living healthy should not be a tedious task. With that said, I created a product that focuses on you!



Losing weight should not be a task that you need to perform on a regular basis. In fact it should feel like a free flow, like it has been part of your lifestyle from the beginning. This way, you won’t feel the pressure and it will be easier for you to reach your goal.

So, if your New Year’s Resolution, is to lose weight, live healthier or eat healthily. Then, you should follow a simple rule..plan and enjoy it! Make it like it is just part of your daily routine. Make it like I would..something that works for you!