You wake up and it feels like another regular day but the weather feels a tad cooler than usual, you check your phone and then you realize…

Yipeee! Holidays are coming! Suddenly, you get a flashback of last year’s holiday season.

You get up and are excited, but then you realize, we are still in the middle of the pandemic.

Awwww… will there be any parties or celebrations this year? Do I get to party with my family or friends?

Of course, you can! However, you may want to consider a few adaptions and precautions. Let me give you a few tips on how you can celebrate in all safety despite this pandemic.

If you are hosting consider the following:

  • As much as possible limit your guests to your family or close community friends. Respect any current pandemic regulations depending on where you live.
  • If possible set up for an outdoor event and if going outdoors is unlikely, ensure that there is proper ventilation and ensure that social distancing can be properly observed.
  • Set up a health and safety station, it may be a small kiosk or a table, where you can put all the essentials such as facemasks, face shields, alcohol, and hand sanitizer.
  • Serve healthy food options such as fruits and vegetables, and opt for pre-packed grab and go food options rather than the self-service or buffet.
  • Make sure to plan ahead and get enough rest before and after the party.

If you are attending a “Pandemic Party”:

  • Consider staying at home if you were in close contact with anyone who had symptoms or if you are not feeling well.
  • Always wear your mask, wash your hands often, and bring extra of all the essentials (mask, face shield, alcohol, and hand sanitizer)
  • As much as possible avoid contact with commonly touched surfaces (handrails. door handles and elevator buttons).
  • Practice a hand wave or head nod instead of shaking hands or giving a hug.
  • Boost your immune system in advance by eating healthy, taking your vitamins, and getting enough rest.

Keep in mind that the virus still lingers and the numbers are still unstable hence, we have to do our part to ensure that these numbers go on a downward trend. We can still celebrate but with great caution. The more careful we are now the faster we can freely celebrate after this pandemic is over.