The dictionary meaning of mindfulness is the conscious awareness of the present. When we are mindful, we become aware of our present: what is happening around us and how we respond to these events happening in the present. This is something that I’m slowly beginning to master. I’m a very multi-tasking person. I might start doing something and get distracted by all my thought, a beep on my phone or even an email alerting me that someone has commented on my Facebook photo. I’ve found out that all these are distractions which are limiting my way of life considerably.

So how does being mindful help in improving productivity at work and at home?


• You Get Better At Prioritizing

When you are attentive at work, you will know how to differentiate what is important and what is not. This will help you plan well for the day, doing the tasks of utmost priority first then taking the less important ones later. A lot of time goes into reading emails or checking social network platforms, some of which are not much important.

• You Get Better At Working With Others

Being mindful while at work can help you build a great working relationship with your fellow employees. Since being mindful means focusing on your present, you will be fully aware of the task at hand as well as of the emotions of the people around you. Thus, if you have a project that you are undertaking together with your colleagues, your focus will help you keep their opinions and feelings in your mind.

• You Get Better Sleep

This has really worked for me. On days when I’m fully focused, I’m capable of doing my work pretty well, and with little things going around in my mind, I get better sleep when I go to bed. Random thoughts can ruin your sleep. But with focus, you can train your brain to think of the present and thus reduce the stress that comes with thinking of the past.

• Mindfulness Helps in Saving Time

Ever met those employees who are always busy, but have little to show for what they are doing? A lot of time is wasted when you are not mindful. Let’s use the word attentive here. Paying attention to your work means that you are focused solely on doing it as well as completing it on time. A lot of time is wasted when you start day dreaming while your work sits there waiting for you to come back. Are you always busy? Look at what occupies most of your time while at it.

• You Accomplish A Lot

Being focused on the present helps me get a lot of tasks done in every day. The time that would have been wasted in going to Facebook and looking at other people’s posts, day dreaming as well as watching meaningless videos are now spent on accomplishing my goals. I still become surprised seeing how much free time I get when I don’t do the stuff that used to take up much of my time.

Why not give it a try and let me know how being mindful has affected your life?

By: Andrea Caprio
Holistic Nutrition and Wellness coach
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