Sleep, To Lose Weight

Do you know that there is a relaxing and easy way to lose weight?
Yes, I said easy! And, it is also an important factor in living a healthy life. Wanna know what it is?
Yes!! You read that right, sleep!

What Is Sleep?

Lose Weight While Sleeping
We all know that sleep is one of the most important thing for your health. We know that a good night sleep helps;
  • Reduces stress
  • Improve your improve your memory
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Boost your immune system
  • Maintain weight
  • Have a better mood
  • Reduce the chances of diabetes
  • Be smarter
  • Pain tolerance
But what we do not know is that sleep also helps us lose weight!

Lose Weight While You Sleep

Read this again! 55% more weight loss by sleeping more. How is that for a great year ahead????
If it was that easy to sleep more…. let’s face it, it is not that simple in today’s busy life, right?

How Sleep Helps you Lose Weight?

Let’s assume for a moment you are Mary.
Mary gets home late, is super stressed and too tired to cook after a difficult day at work. She wants to eat healthily and go to bed early. Instead, she orders some comfort food, a big takeaway pizza. After all, she is really down today. (Oops the New Year’s resolution is gone again)
By the time it gets to her, it’s well after 9 pm. She sits in front of TV while eating the whole damn pizza, and just before bedtime, she does a few last-minute emails. Getting to bed after midnight, Mary reads through her FB feed on her phone, before falling into a restless sleep, her stomach trying to digest the remains of her pizza. She wakes up at 6 am when her alarm makes her jump out of deep sleep.
She feels tired and wired, bloated, heavy.… not ready to face the day. Barely with time to grab a coffee and doughnut, she heads out for yet another day where she doesn’t stick to a healthy routine. Her blood sugar gets into a constant up and down spiral. This only adds to her stress, anxiety, fatigue, and cravings.
Did you recognize yourself in Mary?
Many people are like her, in a constant vicious cycle of unhelpful habits.
And you wonder why they are not losing weight even though they are trying hard to go to the gym and eat healthily….

Do you know why good, quality sleep is so important for your weight and health?

Melatonin is the answer!

The blue light of our electronics suppresses Melatonin, the sleep hormone. This can result in poor sleep quality.

If you don’t sleep enough or badly, this can affect all the other hormones, as they work hand in hand.
This can result in ghrelin and leptin, the hunger and satiety hormones, to become out of whack. And that leads to more cravings and more eating.

A perfect storm and vicious cycle of over-eating and sleep deprivation are cooked.

Melatonin can affect other hormones too.

This may increase your stress, lead to estrogen dominance, PMS, menopausal symptoms, insulin resistance and so much more.

As I mentioned in my last message, most people are failing to stick to their resolutions.
They focus on the wrong things, instead of addressing the root causes, such as sleep, among others.
Working with clients like Jennifer and Mary, I came to realize why my weight loss programs work so well. Simply put:
  • I help my clients to get clear about their goals first.
  • We address the root causes of their health and weight issues
  • Then we make it easy to maintain simple habits.
  • We develop a lifestyle that fits their busy schedules.
  • They use simple tools, like SLEEPING, to achieve their goals.

It all starts with getting to the “WHY” of losing weight.

For some, it is because they want to become more active to play with their grandkids.
For others, it’s to gain more confidence in how they feel in their favorite pair of jeans.
Some want to feel more desirable with their partners.
Yet others want to stop thinking 24/7 about eating.
They want to have a better relationship with food and their bodies.
So what is it for you?
Whatever it is, until you are clear on it, you will struggle to sustain your journey.
For Mary it was all about being able to keep up with her grand-children and be healthy enough to see them grow up. We worked on implementing simple routines that worked for her busy schedule. After learning how to stick to a sleep routine through accountability, she eventually increased her sleep from an average 5.5 hrs to 7.5 hours. Needless to say she had so much more energy, lost around 20 pounds and her knee pain improved, allowing her to crawl around with her grandchildren.
Do you want to achieve similar results?
Whatever your reason is, losing weight should be as easy as sleep!