A question that comes up all the time is how to lose belly fat.

We all are different so unfortunately there is no one size fits all but there are a few things that will work for most of us. See below for some great suggestions on how to lose belly fat, however you may also want to consider the following:

  • You may want to check if you have an intolerance to some foods such as wheat, gluten or dairy as this could be preventing you from losing weight. If you suspect that you have such an issue, an elimination diet may help. (you can find some information here but the best would be to do an elimination diet with a Nutrition professional)
  • You may think you are eating healthily but there are a lot more hidden sugars in your food than you think. Watch out for hidden sugar in processed foods and eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods.
  • You may have hormonal, metabolism, thyroid, toxicity or other issues which prevent your body from losing those pounds. A nutrition coach can help you identify and work together with you and your health care provider to adjust your lifestyle and improve any relevant conditions and health issues which prevent you from losing weight.

Most people have tried a lot of diets and my advice is to be careful with any crash diet or extreme exercise routines.  Be especially mindful of those promising to lose XX pounds in 1 week. They may work in the short run but the results are very difficult to sustain and often the weight just comes back as before sometimes even getting worse. In addition to that you may end up damaging your health. It is important to get all the necessary nutrients, popular diets that cut out entirely certain food groups may do more harm than good.

I would suggest to do a 3 phase cleanse over a period of at least 3-4 weeks. Make sure the 3 phases of detoxification are supported with the necessary supplements (enzymes, complete protein powder, multivitamins, amino acids and probiotic). These are essential to remove all the toxins, without them you may end up with counterproductive results that usually lead to gaining back the weight you lost. My 21 day transformational nutrition cleanse helps you to achieve just that and has all the information you need in an easily accessible format, you can find out about it here . A good cleanse will keep you well-nourished and give you plenty of energy too.

Thereafter you could continue a healthy balanced diet according to your physiology and lifestyle (this may require the help of a nutrition specialist).

A healthy body will naturally achieve its ideal weight, you should lose the extra weight through the cleanse and by keeping to a healthy lifestyle thereafter.


Here are our suggested guidelines to achieve and keep a healthy long-term weight:

lose belly fat

  • Drink enough water (min. 1 oz per 1/2 pound weight), but do not drink while you eat , 1 hr before and after (it improves your digestion and absorption of nutrients)
  • Sleep 7-8 hours per night
  • Do regular interval training, combine with weight exercise, and maybe walking and yoga. Aim for at least 15 minutes daily of movement, 30 minutes is better.
  • Increase the amount of protein in your diet
  • Eat only complex carbs like whole wheat bread, rice and potatoes  (no refined carbs such a white flour and sugar)
  • Have 3 meals a day, with a mid afternoon snack if you are hungry, try to have an early light dinner
  • Eat only whole foods, no processed or highly refined foods, if your grandmother wouldn’t recognize it as food it’s probably best to avoid it 🙂
  • Eat plenty of vegetables; if you like them raw, this is the way to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients
  • Fruits are great but in moderation because they come with lots of sugar, totally natural sugar but the calories add up anyway
  • Eat lots of fiber rich food (at least 50 grams of fiber per day would be great) such as beans, fruit and vegetables
  • Use only unprocessed fats, virgin coconut oil for frying and virgin olive oil for salads. Eat nuts and seeds
  • Add Omega 3 (fish oil) to your diet and take a probiotic daily
  • Avoid sugar as much as possible (watch out for hidden sugars or creative ways used by marketers to camouflage sugar with healthy sounding names) – see my article The Sugar debate – A full guide of its real dangers and how to become free of sugar addiction – WELLNESS METHODS
  • Watch out for food intolerances, see my 2 articles Food intolerance – WELLNESS METHODS and Food substitutes – WELLNESS METHODS
  • Keep a food journal to clearly identify your food patterns
  • There are a few foods, herbs and supplements which help to curb appetite, increase metabolism and help to detox. Contact me if interested to know more
  • Be mindful when eating, chew well, eat as slowly as you can, it helps digestion and makes you feel full sooner.

This might sound overwhelming. A good idea is to take 1 goal and implement it during 1 week, then pick another goal for another week and so on.

I always welcome your feedback and don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to know more, I would love to hear from you.


 By: Andrea Caprio

Holistic Nutrition and Wellness coach

Wellness Methods




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