I have recently started to do my own Kombucha. It is an exciting and satisfying past time. The results are amazing, it tastes delicious and I can feel how the word “super healthy” is floating around in my body. For those who don’t know Kombucha, here is some background.


If you find yourself unfamiliar with the name of “Kombucha,” that might be because those who possess it treasure it as a valued secret while those who yearn after it pass their days wondering whether it even exists.

Now that I have taken it upon myself to reveal to you the mystery of Kombucha, let me tell you that as legend goes, Kombucha is a elixir specially made to cater to the ideal of longevity through the utilisation of ancient wisdom and had been consumed by thousands of people hailing from different parts of the planet. However, the scientists these days have managed to extract a similar version of it from the nutrient solution of sugar and tea to which the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria+ Yeast) was added to create a fermented health beverage. Hence, the celebrated non profit food research association, Weston A. Price Foundation which is located in Washington DC has described Kombucha as something belonging to the category of  “Fermented foods aid in digestion, promote healthy micro-organisms in our GI tract, produce beneficial enzymes, offer us better nutrition, allow our bodies to absorb more nutrition from the foods we eat…(and) help fight and prevent some cancers” being  “…rich in B vitamins and a substance called Glucuronic acid which…boosts the natural detoxification process.”


The Incomparable Benefits that draw everyone to Kombucha


Having personally used Kombucha in my life, I can now testify to the fact that it has completely changed my health and my lifestyle. Not only this but many people including friends and family members too have talked to me about how it has helped them in improving their physical and mental health and wellbeing. Now the ethereal experience can be yours too! But be warned: Kombucha is so much more than a cheap product promising “get skinny quickly”. Treat it with respect and it will give you returns a thousand fold. If you are still interested to know what benefits Kombucha is said to provide, read on:

  • Improves the body’s digestion
  • May prevent Carcinogens or cancer causing agents from harming your body
  • Detoxifies liver
  • Contains important probiotics
  • Helps in alleviating symptoms of constipation
  • Significantly increases your metabolism
  • Gets rid of migraines and headaches
  • It is rich in polyphenols
  • Your body will be more alkalised with Kombucha
  • Kidney stones may be reduced
  • Blood pressure can be reduced
  • Softens the skin while possibly preventing and reducing eczema
  • Improves your eyesight
  • Cell regeneration for a healthy body and mind
  • Aids ulcers
  • Reduces risk of arteriosclerosis
  • Chronic fatigue will be removed with energy boost at regular intervals
  • Helps with asthma, arthritis and rheumatism by building connective tissue
  • Yeast infections and Candida may be cleared up
  • Being rich in antioxidants, free radicals causing cancer can be destroyed.

If you find yourself doubting all the above benefits, you are partly right. Kombucha does not cure anything as it not a panacea. Feeling confused? Let us put it to you in this way:

Our body naturally has a significantly strong immune system which gets harmed every time we consume fast foods, drink impure water and breathe in the toxins from the air. This in turn has reduced the body’s capability to heal itself but Kombucha restores the balance again. Thus, when people start using it, they begin noticing the loss of excess weight whereas there are some who will see that they gain weight that they were lacking before. The enzymes and key acids provided by Kombucha are amongst the ones, which help your body to function efficiently and conduct the healing process by itself using natural methods.

And a little word of caution, like with every food, supplement, herb and medicine, Kombucha may work for some but not for others and there may be some health conditions which may be aggravated by it such as candida or other conditions aggravated by yeast or other ingredients in Kombucha. As always, check with your trusted health care professional to be sure that it is beneficial for your health.


The Fabulous Five nutrients that make Kombucha efficient and beneficial are as follows:


  • Vitamin C- The Vitamin C in Kombucha acts as a brilliant immunity booster and detoxifier. There is as much 1/10 th of Vitamin C in the product as found in orange juice.
  • Acetic Acid- Kombucha’s signature sour/sweet punch comes from this acid which also aids in killing the harmful bacteria.
  • Gluconic Acid- This ingredient is capable of fighting against yeast infections
  • Lactic Acid- It prevents the walls of bowels from decaying, prevents cancer by the regulation of the pH levels of blood and also gets rid of constipation
  • Amino Acids- These being the building block of protein formation, is critical to all life processes and in spite of consumption of Kombucha, one must aspire to get his fill of amino acids from diet.


The Dynamic Dozen ingredients that make Kombucha one of a kind are as follows:


  1. Vitamin B1- If we go according to the recent studies, it is believed that Kombucha is richer in Vitamin B1, even greater than milk.
  2. Oxalic Acid- It accelerates your cells into action
  3. Malic Acid- Detoxification of your body will be intensified
  4. Carbonic Acid- It aids in the regulation of the pH levels of your blood
  5. Nucleic Acids (DNA and RNA)- It helps the cells to rebuild and function properly and sends signals accordingly
  6. Uscnic Acid- Helps your body with its antibiotic qualities which are selective
  7. Riboflavin(B2)- It helps in the suppression of allergies
  8. Folic Acid- It helps in preventing osteoporosis, Crohn’s, aging, preventing heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s.
  9. Cobalamin(B12)- Helps in the improvement of learning and memory.
  10. Niacin(B3)- Aids in accelerating the healing of skin tissue and acts as a natural aphrodisiac.
  11. Pyridoxine(B6)- Stroke, obesity and rheumatism will be banished from your life forever
  12. Thiamin(B1)- The chances of stroke, joint, skin and bone cancer will be prevented and the immune system will be stimulated.


Apart from all these, there are also some powerful enzymes which increase your body’s metabolism and forces them into overdrive so that your energy levels are boosted and you are capable of burning away all excess fat.

Kombucha is so effective because the enzymes, vitamins and acids mentioned here are present in it in the living form.


What are the two main benefits of Kombucha?


  • The benefits which have been specifically attributed to Kombucha result from it being rich in Glucuronic acid and B Vitamins which aids in the natural nourishment and detoxification procedure of the body.
  • The beneficial bacteria and the enzymes present in the fermented beverage Kombucha significantly boosts up your immunity, permits the body to absorb all the essential nutrients, improves the body’s gastrointestinal function, frees up energy for other bodily functions and tries it’s best to eliminate all kinds of waste.


All this is well and good, but what can Kombucha do for you?


No one has yet been able to give a template of benefits which Kombucha has on all human beings. Rather the effect which Kombucha will have on your would completely depend on the uniqueness of the chemistry of your body. One of the reasons behind this might be that Kombucha only accelerates and instigates your body to heal itself and to work much more efficiently.


Got curious and want to do your own Kombucha? I will reveal in my next blog post how to make your own and tips on how to improve it with natural delicious flavours, how to consume it and get the most out of it. Stay put for more soon.


Do you have any experience with Kombucha? Please share your favorite recipes with me



By: Andrea Caprio, CTNC, CCWC

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