That is how the pandemic instantly changed everything.

Suddenly, everything was halted, and movements became limited and all of us were confined to the safety of our own homes.

However, as we all adjust to the new normal, one of the most challenging tasks at hand, is to keep our focus.

Yes, people have been questioning why it’s so hard to concentrate and stay on track. May it be with working from home, renovating your kitchen, or as simple as keeping your diet.

But fret no more, I’ll be sharing with you a few tricks and tips to keep your focus.

  1. Start small

There is nothing wrong with dreaming big but it’s better to start small. Set small daily goals and be realistic about them. Make sure that the task can be completed or ticked off by the end of the day. Smaller goals that can easily be tackled in a day, can help you stay on track. Once you have been able to implement daily habits, you can increase the duration or intensity.

  1. Understand yourself

One of the biggest demotivators is anxiety. Being anxious all the time can lead to stress thus, may lead to you losing your focus. Listening to what your body is telling you is the key. So, go ahead, take that time-off that you’ve been wanting for the longest time. Make yourself a comforting cup of tea. Or maybe just stay in bed and binge-watch for the day. And then recuperate and get to the task at hand.

  1. Celebrate small goals.

May it be as simple as finishing the laundry or sticking to a diet plan for a week. Celebrate it! Flaunt it, share it with your friends, or better yet to the world and be an inspiration to others. Looking back at your wins and how far you have come, puts you in a better frame of mind instead of beating yourself up about how far you still have to go. As they say, great things start from small beginnings.

Keeping your focus can be tricky, but you can complete any goals by keeping it realistic and taking the time to care for yourself. This pandemic may be taking more time than any of us expected but it surely will eventually pass.

If you are having a hard time at it, know hat I am extending my hand and giving FREE CONSULTATION to anyone who needs help to get back on track (as long as i have space).


Remember, there is no harm in trying to make yourself better.


If you want to kickstart your journey to a more focused and healthier you, check out my meditation and breathing blog. It will give you more tips to keep focus and relax.