Companies are rightfully concerned about the performance of their employees; good employees are indeed the biggest asset and money maker of most companies. Over the years companies have tried just about every employee program in order to optimize performance: starting from multiple types of training, feedback sessions, team building events, evaluations and promotions moving on to bonuses, commission schemes, incentives and much more.

A lot of money has been spent in improving employee performance without the expected ROI. Why is this so?

Take a plant, put it in some sand and keep it in a dark room and water it. After a while the plant will fade and die. Take the same plant and put it into a rich soil, add nutritious fertilizer, care for it regularly, trim the branches from time to time so new shoots can develop and expose it to sunlight. Your plant will prosper and grow, blossom with flowers and you will reap the fruits of your good care.

It all makes sense, if we don’t care about our employees, make sure they are healthy, fed with nutritious food, have time to get out and get some sun and fresh air, move around and are cared for, they will be less likely to flourish, develop skills and increase performance.

Health is on the decline, obesity is rising and stress affects more and more employees. The cost implications for employers are huge: ranging from direct health care cost to absenteeism and lack of productivity which in turn lead to reduced profits.
However, a few simple steps can start the process of helping your employees to thrive like beautiful, vigorous plants and provide you with many fruits.

Here is what can be done to make your employees flourish:

1, Promote eating a diet of wholesome quality food instead of junk-food.

Offer healthy food choices in your canteen or vending machine, vouchers to health restaurants or health stores, have healthy snacks such as fruits and nuts easily available to your employees. Promote healthy eating through a newsletter, do a healthy cooking competition and have a “bring a healthy dish” Friday party.
Offer a healthy breakfast or allow employees to come in later so they have time to eat a breakfast.  A nutritious breakfast provides a good supply of constant energy at the onset of the working day instead of people bouncing from one sugar low to the next which ultimately affects their performance.

The result: your employees become more health conscious and improve their lifestyle habits, excess weight is more easily lost. Fatigue and afternoon slumps due to sugar lows will decrease.


2, Organize 15 minutes lunchtime walks or games (Frisbee anybody?) to get your employees moving.

The result: fun, sun, a solid dose of vitamin D and outside air will improve their mood, increase their focus, help prevent the 3 pm slump and increase overall health levels.


3, Start the day with a meditation, breathing exercise or yoga.

The result: employees will be more focused and relaxed, good mood hormones will be released resulting in better performance and attitude.


4, Instill a culture of caring about others

Organize donations to a  cause your workforce can relate to, encourage positive feedback during meetings, lead by example caring about others and organizing social events where people can connect outside work relationships.

The result: High work satisfaction will lead to lower attrition rate and better performance.
Want to find out more about improving employees’ performance, a healthier workforce and better profits for you? Contact me, I read all emails and respond personally to each one, I would love to hear your ideas and find out how healthy are your employees.


By: Andrea Caprio

Holistic Nutrition and Wellness coach

Wellness Methods


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