According to the dictionary, a break-up means the separation or breaking up of something into several pieces or sections. If you read it carefully, that’s pretty accurate. When you end a relationship, you break yourself into several pieces. Feelings like sadness, weakness, and anxiety are pretty common during this stage. Now you may be wondering, how could you stay healthy after a break-up?

For some people it takes a few weeks to recover the joy of living, for others, this process tends to be longer. Why do we feel so weak when we are going through a break-up? Emotional pain triggers the same pathways in the brain as physical pain, that’s why some feel pain in their chests after being rejected. Usually, break-ups cause several physical effects. Stress hormones known as cortisol and adrenaline are released when we feel down and deeply sad, this may affect not only our physical health but also our habits and behavior. Doctors have stated that stress hormones released after a separation wreak havoc on the body.

What happens with your health when you feel lovesick?

When we separate from somebody we used to love very much, lots of changes happen within your body. If you’ve been here – or if you’re currently going through a break-up- you may know that one of the most common symptoms is an intense appetite.

You start craving everything. You just want to grab a bite every single minute, and for some reason, you don’t know, eating makes you feel a bit better! This happens because the anguish experienced during a split activates your stress hormones. Being stressed makes you crave sugar and fat, leading to weight gain and mindless eating.

What to do about it?

Begin to take notice of your food!

Begin to take notice of your food! Examine it up close with all 5 senses! Place it on your tongue. Just let it sit for a moment as you appreciate the way the bite of food feels in your mouth!

Notice any urge to eat quickly

Stop when you begin to feel the physical sensations of fullness! Ideal fullness is half-full!

 Getting distracted is normal!

Just gently redirect your attention to being mindful of the present moment!

Chew your food at least 30 times! 

Pay attention to all the flavors and textures of your bite of food!

Notice the breath throughout this process. It will indicate how comfortable or uncomfortable you are. After you are done eating take a moment to sit quietly at the table!

If you want to learn more about mindful eating, my awesome free Mindful Eating&Exercises E-Book is what you need!

Ok perhaps you don’t have food cravings, but you’re going through a lot of stress because of the split. What to do?

These relaxing techniques will help you relieve stress:

     1. Breathe

Take 6 deep breaths every hour or when stress prevails. Slow exhalations help relax the body.

  1. Move Your Body

15–30 minutes of exercise a day helps to increase your serotonin levels to relax.

  1. Spend Time In Nature

A 15-minute morning walk increases cortisol, helping your adrenals to be more balanced and improving your mood.

  1. Get Regular, Replenishing Sleep

Your body needs 8 hours to rest and repair.

  1. Spend Time With Supportive Friends/Family

Social connections help balance stress levels

Try implementing one each week! These techniques have worked for me, so I can assure you that they’re quite amazing. If you want more stress-free tips, I wrote a whole article about it, check it out here!