How Effective are Meal Plans?

When was the last time you forgot to prepare lunch and bought fast food instead. How many times did you eat out unplanned?
You probably regretted it, as it ended up costing you more than planned and it didn’t make you feel that good.
When we eat out, we rarely think of what’s in the food. But, when was the last time you were thoughtful about the food you bought outside? Have you ever thought of the scary three: Sugar, MSG, and trans-fat?
Here is a deep look on their backgrounds. Let’s all start with sugar as discussed on our previous recipe blog, sugar has 3 types:
  • Glucose is a type of sugar that your body can digest
  • Fructose is a type of sugar that comes from fruit
  • Sucrose is always present in every processed food you might have eaten.

Let’s move to another food convict:

Also known as monosodium glutamate. Came from amino acids that you can find anywhere from food and even breast milk. It looks like your normal table salt or sugar.
Prof Ikeda of the University of Tokyo found a way to separate amino acids and sell the umami taste. This is what he refers to as the 5th taste that means more savory food and he patented the process of making it. And, your good old “Aji no moto” was born. In the US a lot of Chinese restaurants are guilty of using MSG. This is used for added taste. The result however, are headaches and other negative feelings . Worst if eaten too much, it can contribute to dry up your brains cells and cripple your bones.
If you want to avoid this, it’s time to start meal planning.

Check out these benefits of meal plan:

  • Learn potion control – Planning your own meals will allow you to see how much you’re actually eating.
  • Eat healthy – Meal planning eliminates this issue when you have a balanced meal at your fingertips, filled with nutrient-dense food prepped and ready to go!
  • Save time – This saves you the hassle of cleaning up after cooking.
  • Save money – Sticking to what’s on the list also avoids impulse buys at the grocery store.
  • Avoid wasting food – Whether you’re cooking for your entire family or just yourself, taking the time to plan your meals for the week ahead is definitely worth the effort. The key is just to set aside a little bit of time each week to do it.

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Moving to our last notorious food convict:

Trans Fat
Do you love eating fast foods? Well trans fat has got you covered.
There are two types of trans fat the healthy kind which is less fatty. This is the kind that comes from the gut of animals you eat or what we call the natural trans fat. Then there is the artificial kind which comes from hydrogen to liquid veggie oils. A lot of companies use the artificial trans fats since it’s inexpensive. This can also be easily mass produced.
Where can you find them? Well..anywhere oil is present of course–FRIED FOODS. How does this food baddie work? It actually can lower your HDL (good cholesterol) and can increase your LDL (bad cholesterol). Hence, if you eat a lot of trans fat in your life you’ll be a runner up for heart disease. You can also be a number 1 candidate for stroke and type 2 diabetes.
I started to plan my meals when I decided I want to be healthy and not experience what was listed above. You see, a healthy lifestyle is 20% workout and 80% of the food you eat. Thus, eating healthy or preparing your food is an essential part of your life.

I’ll share with you three reasons why a meal plan is very economical:

When you plan your meals ahead, you have more time to do other things. In my case, I have the habit to prepare my meals during the weekend. I just place them in the fridge and label it throughout the weekdays. 
When you plan your own meals you can always guarantee that there won’t be any hidden poison (MSG, sugar, trans fat) in your food. Growing up I was always fascinated with food and how they are prepared. I was raised not to be a picky eater. When I started to improve my way of eating, I came to be more in love with vegetables. Vegetables and fruits are so versatile that there are no right or wrong procedures.
Vegetables and fruits are known to be a huge saver when hitting the groceries. An article that talked about how to save up for your next trip, advised that going green can be a huge money saver. This also ended up to be environment safe–less carbon footprint.
Meal planning isn’t a dread, but treat it as your road to a better healthy life, below is your first step if you want some help.