Healthy Nutrition and Lifestyle Improves Productivity in the Workplace

Our eating habits not only affect our physical self but also our productivity at our workplace. The conception of most people on how to keep their energy up with food in order to remain active while performing at workplace might be slightly wrong.

Food has an unswerving effect on the performance of our reasoning which is why poorly decided lunch can disrupt your afternoon at work.


Why this happens could be answered in this way. Some of what we eat is transformed to glucose in our body which fuels our brain and heart. If this glucose runs out it gets difficult for us to concentrate and we find it hard to pay attention. This elucidates why we cannot focus when we are hungry.

What we do not consider usually is all the foods are not processed at the same speed by our body. Bread, pasta, sodas etc. tend to release glucose very fast which leads to a burst of energy and a fast crash. Other meals which are high in fats like cheeseburger etc. supply more constant energy, but necessitates the intestinal system to toil harder which reduces oxygen levels of our brains and makes us sleepy.

According to studies conducted by Center for Health Research at Healthways, Health Enhancement Research Organization and Brigham Young University, employees who ate healthy food and exercised regularly performed better in their jobs and took much less often sick leaves. Throughout the day, healthy eaters performed 25% higher in their jobs. Employees gave 15% higher performance as they exercised for about 30 minutes thrice a week. Whereas overweight workers performed lower, had high absenteeism and suffered with many diseases and depression.

All of us are subconsciously aware about the consequences of unhealthy eating yet we don’t make clever choices when we plan our diet. A part of it could be that we are at the lowest in energy and willpower when we are planning what to eat. Fast foods like burgers and French fries are lot more tempting if you are rationally exhausted. Moreover, these options are faster and cheaper in comparison to healthy foods especially when you are having a busy day. Well it’s time you gave it a thought! In your effort to save 10 minutes you pay by performing poorly throughout the day.


What is it that we need to do?

  • Decide what you want to eat before your hunger pangs attack. Studies prove that planned diet can help one resist calories, salt and fat. Plan you weekly meals in advance on a Sunday.
  • Smaller and repeated meals help you uphold your glucose level. Extremes in blood sugar are bad for the brain which will ultimately affect your productivity.
  • Keep healthy food within your reach. A couple of protein bars, a small box of fruits or a handful almonds can be rejuvenating and will avoid you from ordering and eating those handfuls of French fries.

The old quote fits in correctly here ‘health is wealth’. Good health will always help you perform better at the workplace and increase your productivity.


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By: Andrea Caprio

Holistic Nutrition and Wellness coach

Wellness Methods


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