Can you imagine a healthy grocery list to make you lose pounds and beat sugar cravings?

I know how hard it is to go to the grocery store and feel tempted by all those delicious sweets.

Letting go of our cravings is not an easy task, especially when you arrive home late from work and don’t feel like eating healthy.

As a businesswoman and entrepreneur, I understand how difficult it is to keep up with a healthy balanced diet, that’s why my job as a nutrition coach is to explain the harmful effects of a bad diet on your health and give you the tools you need to improve in a fast and easy way.

I made for you (and your cravings) this amazing Healthy Grocery List which you can print or just keep handy when doing your regular visit to the food store.

This list is not like a regular list. It was carefully designed for busy people who don’t have time to make a list on their own and need some kind of motivation and guideline.

If you fit that description, this list is what you need in your life.

Grab my Healthy Grocery List to beat cravings and lose weight

Why will this list help you beat your sugar cravings?

First, you need to understand the science behind cravings.

The gut-brain axis is responsible for craving more sugar when you eat more sugar as the “bad” bacteria in your gut need sugar to stay alive and signal the brain to feed them more of it. You see, that’s why you crave sugar, not because you don’t have willpower. It is a vicious circle and hard to break but there are ways to do so, read on.

An unhealthy gut can lead to inflammation which in return can lead to all kind of diseases such as chronic pain/arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer and so much more.

This list will keep you away from temptations and will help you start changing your diet.

As I know you’ll need an extra boost to keep yourself healthy, I have something you will absolutely love.

If you already went to the grocery store, got your food supplies but you’re not sure (or have no time) to cook something good, my Meal Plan Template&Recipes will give you some awesome-easy-to-make ideas for you.

Grab my Meal PlanTemplates&Recipes to make delicious guilt-free meals before heading to work


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