The festive season is upon us and for most, it is probably the worst moment of the year to stay healthy. Usually we try to fight it off in January but if we keep the damage in limits, it may be easier to give Next Year’s resolutions a better chance to getting fitter, losing weight and eating healthy. Here are some easy ways to stay healthy and still have fun.

1, Start your day on a healthy foot.

A glass of warm lemon water when getting up, prepares your digestive system and hydrates your body. A wholesome breakfast with plenty of fruits, a fresh smoothie, yoghurt or some eggs with veggies (without bacon) and whole wheat bread are a great option. Do some deep breathing to oxygenate your system.

2, Get at least 15 minutes of exercise every day even during the festive season.

Best would be some cardio, but a brisk walk is great too. Take time to stretch or do some yoga. Quick bursts of 15 second sprints (15 second sprint, 15 second walk, repeat 5 times or more) are great and won’t take much time. And why not have a walk with friends or family. Or organize (depending where you are) a snow ball fight, beach volley or some indoor games. Laughing and connecting is great for your health too.

3, Give your system a break in-between the partying.

Have a raw food day per week, eating only raw food, salads, drinking fresh juices and smoothies or have a liquid day only with soups, smoothies and juices. Or at least eat no junk food and have only light meals outside of the major celebrations. When doing this, you can enjoy the celebrations guilt-free.

4, Limit the damage

Fill up on healthy veggies, salads, nuts, seeds, fruits and complex carbs BEFORE digging into cookies, junk food and huge plates of roasts. Try to serve small portions and go for a refill if you want more. Incorporate plenty of veggies into your cooking.

5, Hydrate

Drink 8 -10 glasses of water a day and try to limit your alcohol intake and stick with red wine, vodka lime and soda and gin and tonic.

6, Make giving part of your Christmas.

Ask everybody to bring a non-perishable food item and put it in a carton to give it to a shelter. Or invite a friend who would be alone.  Giving and sharing will make feel you better and contributes to somebody’s happiness

7, Enjoy guilt-free

Most importantly enjoy and be mindful, don’t let yourself feel guilty. Be in the moment and take time to savor your food.

Wishing you a wonderful festive season

By: Andrea Caprio
Holistic Nutrition and Wellness coach
Wellness Methods
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