Did you know that by starting your day right, you can be more productive, reduce cravings and control your weight issues?

Most people find this unbelievable but trust me it works!

It has been working for me and my clients for as long as I can remember.

To give you an idea, here’s how my typical day looks like:

Morning routine

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Every morning, I see to it that my first two hours set the tone for the day.

This helps me start my day right not just to get by, but to conquer the rest of my day.

If you want to have high-productivity days like I have and help to overcome your cravings, here are my top tips for a great morning routine.

Tried and tested tips for your morning routine

Prepare and plan your things the night before.

To ensure a pleasant morning, plan a few things ahead of time. Before going to bed in the evening, make a list of the things to do the following day.

Start your morning calm and pre-planned rather than a chaotic morning just rushing around, not sure what to do first. You have a ton of things to organize including your breakfast, what to wear, what to do first. With a plan it makes your day flow so much easier.

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Wake up a little earlier.

Try waking up a few minutes earlier than the time you actually need to be up. You will reap a lot of benefits if you wake up just ten minutes earlier. You can have a calm and enjoyable morning instead of a rushed chaotic one. Start by waking up 10 minutes earlier each day, gradually working toward 30 minutes by the end of the month. Remember a great wake up starts with a good bedtime ritual for a healthy sleep.

Wake up in 5 seconds.

You snooze, you lose. What is the guarantee that you will wake up after five minutes and not an hour later?

Instead of the 5-minute snooze, count 1-5 the instant you hear the alarm go off. That five minutes of extra sleep is doing nothing but harm and may be confusing your brain.

Make your bed and drink hot water with lemon and ginger

To make sure that you do not jump right back in, I suggest make your bed right after you get out of it. This will make you feel productive and motivated to start the rest of your morning right.

After making the bed, I go to the kitchen and prepare myself a good cup of hot water with lemon and ginger. I’ve shared these benefits with my Low sugar challenge Facebook group recently and I’d like to share them with you too!

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Stretch and smile.

Wake up with a stretch and a smile. Stretching wakes up your body and smiling releases endorphins that will make you feel more positive throughout your morning and the rest of your day. If you don’t try to shake that groggy and grumpy feeling first thing in the morning, chances are that you will be more passive-aggressive throughout the rest of the day.

Brush your teeth immediately.

Some people believe in brushing their teeth after they are completely done with their morning routine, but it is better to brush your teeth first thing when you get into the bathroom. It will wake you up by getting rid of your morning breath and increase alertness by activating your senses.

Let the natural light in.

Open up your blinds and pushing back your curtains. Let all that natural light in. It will make you feel happy and positive. You will be a lot slower in the morning if you skip this step. This little night to morning transition will go a long way toward powering you through your morning routine.

As they say, your morning habits can make or break your day. I have top tips, I’ve shared above that are guaranteed to get your day started off on a productive day. So, what are you waiting for? Start a new habit tomorrow morning. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.