How To Have A Healthy 2020

We always aim for a better year ahead. And this new decade, is proof that more and more people are jumping in the healthier resolution wagon. A healthy 2020!! That is what everyone is crying for.
But, are you the odd one out??
Are you still having a hard time working on your healthier resolution? If you are…then you might want to check out my New Year’s Resolution blog

A Healthier 2020

I have been writing a series of blogs and guess what, something funny happened after my last blog. I got a lot of sign-ups for my masterclass which I am really happy about.
Time is ticking for you to get 2020 started with a bang!!!! If you missed it…do not fret!! Here are the details;
Healthy 2020
Effortless weight loss in 2020 and beyond Masterclass. In this masterclass, you will learn;
  • The 5 lies and myth of the dieting industry
  • Simple yet powerful technique to lose weight while sleeping
  • Get rid of love handles once and for all
  • Number 1 dangerous food that all Americans eat that you need to stop now
The good news is the Masterclass is free of charge.
It happens this Saturday 4th of January at 12 pm EST/11 am CST/9 am PST/5 pm WET.
Be quick to sign up, since the seats are filling up fast! I will do it on Zoom so you can also ask questions at the end.
To make it more successful, I share with you my workbooks that will set you up for 2020:
  • Get rid of Sugar cravings workbook
  • My Sleep lullabies tips for healthy sleep
Join now if you want to make 2020 the year of not only losing weight but also keeping it off.
I had a few people who told me that they can’t be there but still want to see it. If you sign up, I will be sending a recording to those who can’t be there live.
However, remember that a live session is so much more powerful. You get to ask questions during the masterclass, which I can reply to then and there. And, you will get your personalized action plan for 2020.
Now to the funny part, some people told me that they loved the idea but they want more support. They want accountability and dive in deeper so they can build better habits and keep it that way in 2020.
If you are also in that boat, I will have a surprise for you which I will reveal during the masterclass. This will be your ticket to keeping your 2020 resolutions and not failing again.
Is this something you may be interested in hearing more about?
If you feel like now is the right time, don’t miss out. Click the button below to reserve your seat!!
Keep in mind that there will be a “first come, first serve” policy as I have only a limited amount of space. Stay tuned!