Do you find yourself sipping hot tea, staring blankly at the Christmas lights across the street, and feeling blue?

Can’t blame you. All those canceled parties, family get-togethers, and adapting to the new normal, may bring the holiday spirit down.

But, have you heard about the Norwegian mindset?

Norway is said to be one of the top 5 happiest countries in the world despite having the longest winter during which there are months when the sun does not shine at all.

How do they do it?

  1. Embrace nature. Norwegians love the outdoors, and going out despite the temperature makes them feel better.
  2. Fewer complaints. They have zero to minimal tolerance for complaints
  3. Change in mindset. They simply refuse to be part of the negative train and entertain positivity instead.

We can put the “Norwegian mindset” into practice especially during the winter lockdown

  • Instead of no parties, think of it as: I’ll have more time to relax and be cozy at home
  • Instead of no family gatherings, think of it as: I’ll use technology at my convenience and connect with my family and/or friends online
  • Instead of feeling blue, embrace life, and be thankful

Now that we are in happy spirits, what else can bring people into a brighter mood?

Yeah! Shopping a.k.a retail therapy!

Whether you are going in-store on online shopping, I’ve got a few handy tips to make your Black Friday splurge stress free.

If you are shopping online, make sure to:

Make a list

It’s better to be prepared in advance so you don’t miss anyone, and end up doing last-minute shopping or purchasing things that are not needed.

Opt for curbside pickup

Most stores are now offering curbside pick-up, to promote social distancing, and to help you save on shipping costs.

Mindful eating

Compared to in-store shopping, online shopping means more time in front of the computer and less movement. Hence, you may as well load up on healthy nuts, fruits, and vegetables


Shop early

As the saying goes, early birds catch the worm. In this regard, you can find the best deals and bargains if you shop earlier than Black Friday. Most stores are already offering discounts as early as the first week of November.


Clear cache

Either you wipe out your cache or go incognito so that you’ll be presented with the best deals.

Enough rest

It’s always best to have enough rest before you do your shopping, a relaxed mind means fewer impulse purchases and more mindful purchase decisions.

Disinfect your deliveries

Try not to get too excited when your online purchases arrive, make sure that you sanitize or disinfect your purchases.

Alternatively, if you still prefer in-store shopping:

Make a list

Just as mentioned above, it’s better to be prepared rather than doing your last-minute impulse buying.


Bring hygiene essentials

Safety should still be your priority, wear your masks, frequent hand washing, and observe social distancing.

Eat protein-rich food

In-store, shopping can be physically tiring, prepare ahead by eating protein-rich food

Leave non-essentials at home

As the virus is still around, make sure to leave your children and elderly at home — not just for their safety but for your shopping convenience as well.

Get enough rest

A well-rested mind may bring rightful shopping decision and fewer impulse purchases

Go for cashless transactions

Aside from being convenient, it also guarantees physical interaction (another precautionary measure from the virus)

And to make sure that your happy spirit is on-the-roll, watch out for my upcoming incredible Black Friday deals and not just save money but be healthy.