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BHF (Best health friends) program

6-week health journey to transform your mind, your spirit and learn how healthy eating choices can transform your life!

Hey there! Congratulations you made it to this amazing page.

The first step is always the most difficult one and you being here, is already a commitment to becoming healthier. Well done, you can already be proud of yourself! So while you are here, let’s get going and check what I have in store for you, so you quickly can transform your bold motivation into healthy action.

I have created a 6-week group coaching program to help you learn simple, healthy eating and lifestyle hacks & get more motivation within a great group, even if you lack time and willpower. BHF is for you, if you are a busy professional who doesn’t have much time and if you like the dynamic of an amazing like-minded group with amazing support. Guaranteed!

What is it all about?

During 6 weeks, each week we tackle a different area to improve your eating habits, exercise routine, lifestyle, mindfulness and stress management. You will discover which foods and lifestyle habits help you to make the biggest improvement in your health and how to implement them easily and permanently. We work on the principle to use 20% effort and get 80% results. You get lots of cheat sheets, workbooks and valuable resources. We have some practical exercises during and after the sessions enabling you to implement immediately what you learnt.

Why group coaching is your best option?

The best of all, we have a strong community of like-minded people to discuss our experiences, support and learn from each other. This is ideal for those who love the and need support because they are not getting it elsewhere and need a dose of extra “share the health love”. You will be amazed to hear that others have the same worries and problems as you and you feel finally “understood”. It is a very powerful concept of this group program.

Let’s tackle this together in our BHF group coaching program

By joining my group coaching program you will get motivated to work towards achieving your goals, direction and purpose and you will feel supported through the group.

During our group sessions we will go through the six steps of healthy eating a lifestyle. During our first session we will establish common goals and work step by step through learning about and improving the food we eat, learn how to prepare healthy meal plans, how to improve lifestyle habits such as stress, movement, sleep and more importantly how to practice self-care and mindfulness. The program is especially for those who have no time to follow a healthy work life balance and need simple eating and lifestyle hacks, have issues with emotional or stress eating, and need to improve their eating habits as they have health and weight issues.

Been there, done that, still wear the T-shirt?

Right, so your doctor told you need to eat healthier or you have been following endless programs and diets and just never saw the result. Whatever you have tried you failed. You know you should be doing something about you high cholesterol, high blood sugar or your weight. You have been trying over and over but nothing worked because you just could not sustain any diet for long time.

I get it, I have been there too, you have no time or motivation to eat or live healthier but you want to have more energy and stop feeling overwhelmed all the time. You’re fed up being often sick and not being able to think straight or get rid of your brain fog. Your weight may have increased and you developed various chronic diseases or pains. You had enough. You’re worried about your health and anxious about your future. You need urgently to be healthier as you want to be successful at your job, lose weight and do what you love doing. And you are scared that tomorrow things may get worse. Does this sound like you?

You deserve being healthy

Your dream is perhaps to finally get a better job or have your own company, to make more money or buy your house. You want to work less, travel more and have more free time to spend with your family and friends. It is possible once you have overcome the blockages to the wellbeing you deserve.

We achieve more as a TEAM

The group program starts off with a thorough individual intake of your personal and health history. This helps me to support each of the group members in their own individual health journey and will not be shared with other group members. During our first session, we’ll get to know each other and establish common goals. We will immediately jump into learning about simple habits to improve your wellbeing and work towards your nutrition goals. Especially, we will work on improving your digestive health which sits at the base of all other health issues and pain.

Let’s travel together on our health journey

During our health journey, I will share with you lots of work books, cheat sheet, how-to manuals, tick lists, practical resources and handouts for your conditions and so much more. And you will leave motivated with some homework until next time.

During each session, we will celebrate our wins, I will share with you some new concepts on how to improve your eating habits, do meal planning, prepare healthy and simple recipes, and nourish your body with the food that helps you to repair your digestive system and build up your health.

We will agree on common goals until the next session and of course will motivate and hold accountable each other. You will have time to ask your questions. It’s up to you to share as much as you want, however in a group setting nobody is obliged to share their own health or personal history.

In between each session, we will communicate in my private Facebook group, where you can ask questions, celebrate your success or motivate each other. The power of our group is to share, motivate, push and celebrate our wins.

Ready? Here is what you get

  • Nutrition and lifestyle coaching within a private amazing group with access to our private FB group (access only for BHF members) for additional support and motivation.

  • Personal and health history – this will allow me to lead the group and help each other in their own health journey. This will not be shared with others.

  • Establish common goals and motivation.

  • Develop together a personalized 80/20 plan adapted to your needs and situation around healthy eating, lifestyle, mindfulness, emotional wellbeing and spirituality.

  • Work step by step towards goals, with my transformational coaching methods.

  • Get my knowledge condensed into bite-sized done-for-you protocols, cheat sheets, handouts, lists, eating plans and so much more.

  • Be motivated, implement simple habits and be held accountable to improve most pressing health concerns fast.

  • I will hold your hand and kick your butt.

Peek into the BHF program

  • Week 1

I will be introducing you to the foods you’ll be eating and the ones that you should begin to eliminate. Week 1 is all about awareness and getting ready for your transformation! We’ll also talk about what to eat and why, as well as how to start the process of eliminating certain foods from your diet.

  • Week 2

I will start to guide you through meal planning and give you some fabulous recipes you can use to get started on transforming the way you eat right away!  I will walk you through how to structure your plate and your serving sizes to get you familiar with what healthy eating looks like.

  • Week 3

This week will be all about transforming your approach to eating by exploring the psychology of the way you eat!  I will walk you through why you know what to do but you still don’t do it. I’ll also be introducing you to the emotions that are motivating your eating behavior and ways you can begin to change your habits and thinking to support your transformation!

  • Week 4

We will take a deep dive into the mind and the way you think! During this week you’ll be exploring your thought patterns so that you can bring more awareness to your habits in order to transform the way you think about yourself and food!  We’ll also be exploring why change is so difficult and how to begin to overcome these obstacles!

  • Week 5

This week, we’ll delve into the spirit. You’ll learn how your spirit can contribute to poor eating habits and how nurturing the spirit will contribute to transformation. You’ll do an in depth exercise on finding your value and begin to make changes that will help you transform your life!

  • Week 6

I will show you how to transform the way you eat with my Five Step Formula to Healthy Delicious Meals in Minutes a Day!  We’ll explore how to prep, shop, and prepare your foods to set you up for success! We’ll also explore how to be compassionate if you fall off the wagon and how to maintain your transformation into the future!

“Andrea brought clarity and organization to an often chaotic and confusing topic. When it comes to health, getting clear has been the biggest game changer for me. Andrea’s focus leads to action which is the key to positive change. Thanks!”

Brad R.

What’s different?

  • Powerful transformational group coaching with accountability = Get fast, long term results, and an amazing support from a group for more motivation
  • Get 80/20 (eating and lifestyle) hacks suitable for the busy professional
  • CTNC method, combining spirituality, science of nutrition, psychology and coaching for addressing holistically the root cause of your issues (instead of just providing a band-aid)

In a nutshell

I help you with:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Weight
  • Chronic diseases
  • Digestive and hormonal problems
  • Cravings & emotional eating

What could this mean for you?

  • You get incredibly productive, energetic and active, no more brain fog, sleepless nights and constant fatigue, and you will save time
  • You are finally able to achieve your goals and become better organized in your work and life
  • Your health will improve, probably your doctor will not understand why but finally allow you to get off your chronic disease meds
  • You finally feel free of guilt and shame (or other emotions preventing you from reaching your full potential)
  • You drop weight as a byproduct of finally healing your gut or having found the food or toxins that harmed you

Cravings are a thing of the past and you gain full control of your life and body. There are no limitations to what this could mean for you.

 “In just a few sessions, Andrea was able to pin point some of the root causes of my fatigue and frequent stomach problems! Her patience and willingness to find ad-hoc solutions tailored to your exact needs make her one of the most trustworthy and respected health professionals in South Florida. Highly recommended!!”

Pierre G. July 2016

“Andrea Caprio offers the best combination of qualities to work with, in my opinion:  She’s extremely organized and efficient, yet offers great flexibility in addressing her clients’ uniquely individual wellness needs.  I consider her a friend, a colleague, and a highly qualified coach.”

Diane L., CTNC, CHHP, July 2017 

If you want to improve your health fast, despite having no time or motivation, sign up for BHF.

6-session group coaching program at a special rate of $297 per person (this is less than $50 per session. You get as much out of it as in my individual sessions + all the support from the group and in the FB group for a fraction of the cost. Just one individual session with me costs $127)

Next available spot September 2017

Limited time offer:

BHF is limited to 10 people and it’s filling up fast. Minimum is three people. Apply now while I still have space.

What you’ll get inside BHF

$297Your investment
  • • Six 60-minute nutrition and lifestyle group coaching sessions (value $ 474)
  • • Access to and additional support in our private BHF FB group (value $75)
  • • Done-for-you protocols and cheat sheets (value $97)
  • Total Value $474


Sign up for a free Healthy Session!

Let’s chat! I happy to answer any doubt you may have regarding any of my programs!

Have any question?

Here are some common concerns, don’t forget to contact me if you want more information, I’m all ears!

I specifically specialize to help people who are busy and have no time. I find hacks and adapt to your schedule or lifestyle. When you learn how easy and less time consuming it is to cook, you will gain time. I have plenty of cooking tips that take you less time than to go to a restaurant, fast food or order a delivery. If you travel all the time, we find ways to incorporate a healthy diet and lifestyle into your schedule.

I believe it is the only method that really works. I am trained to incorporate the science of nutrition, psychology, spirituality and coaching in my practice and I use all of them to help you to really powerful transformations on all levels, resulting in physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

During the first session we do an in-depth investigation of your health and personal history including underlying root causes. We establish together your goals and motivation. Then, we develop together a personalized plan adapted to your needs and situation around healthy eating, lifestyle, mindfulness, emotional and spirituality.

That depends on you, your compliance and your issues. Some of my clients work only 6 weeks with me (minimum time), some others have more complicated issues or a lot of weight to lose which takes longer. Some of my clients follow recommendations easily, some need a lot of help with emotional eating or other underlying issues. It all depends on where you are at, that is why I offer personalized coaching.

I usually start on a weekly session to help implement regular habits faster. It allows to agree on new habits, verify if it works, adjust and add new steps to work towards your goals. Should you prefer a more flexible schedule because you are busy or travel frequently, let me know so we can arrange it or change your package. I can offer you a more flexible way.

I start where others have given up. I use a holistic approach combined with functional nutrition that I trained in too. This allows me to dig deeper, look at the complete picture of your physical, emotional health and personal history.